What You Should Learn From the Recent Hamilton County Water Boil

Earlier this month, more than 17,000 Fishers and Noblesville residents were placed on a water boil advisory issued by Indiana American Water Works Service Company. Although the ban was lifted a day later, there is a lesson to be learned from the entire dilemma. Continue below to learn some facts about the recent water boil in Hamilton County, as well as, tips for monitoring and maintaining your home or business’s water quality.

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Hamilton County Water Boil Advisory

As a result of the White River North water treatment facility losing a nominal amount of pressure, Indiana American Water placed a water boil advisory for its customers. During the precautionary advisory, Indiana American Water completed a series of tests to verify that their water again meets regulatory drinking water standards. Customers of Citizens were not affected by the treatment facility’s equipment malfunctions, and were not included in the cross-county advisory.

There is a standard, set and regulated by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, that mandates water treatment companies to issue a water boil advisory when water pressure levels drop to a certain, specified value. According to the IDEM, if water pressure drops below 20 pounds per square inch in any part of a municipal water distribution system, a boil advisory must be issued.

What is a Boil Advisory?

When a water treatment company issues a boil advisory, they are suggesting boiling your tap water before ingesting it via drinking and cooking. Although it is acceptable to use water for bathing, washing, and similar uses, it is not recommended to drink or consume it until the ban is officially lifted.

Pay Attention to Your Water Quality

Although the ban has since been lifted, and your county may not have been affected at all, you may still be concerned about the quality and performance of your home’s water. It is important to pay attention to your water quality, and to take the proper steps to ensure it remains contaminant-free. Contact a local soft water professional to learn your options for improving your home’s drinking water quality.

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