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Indianapolis, Indiana
Weilhammer Plumbing has a legendary 100+ year reputation for providing the most professional and operative water softener repair services in Indianapolis, Indiana. When you purchase a new water softener, you need to choose a company you can genuinely trust to service and install it properly. Our licensed and insured water softener plumbers have more than 60 years of experience working with all types of water softening equipment and conditioners, including saltless water softeners. On top of extensive experience, we remain dedicated to continually expanding our knowledge of the field. These enthusiasms, along with our exceptional proficiency in plumbing service, allows us to provide the most comprehensive and competent water softener repair for residential and commercial properties, and all at the most competitive prices in town!

Why have we been so successful in the industry for more than 100 years? The answers is due to our long-standing business philosophy founded on honesty, integrity, and respect. Just like the generations before us, we provide the most accurate diagnostics and explain them in a language that our customers can easily understand. Not only are clients safe from hidden fees or surprise charges, they are never pressured to buy our products and services. We strongly believe in true professionalism, and strive to achieve high customer satisfaction on every job. If you are having problems with your water softener, call 317-784-1870 and schedule an appoint to promptly diagnose the issue. We can provide same-day appointments, and may also be able to repair or replace your water softener the same day too.
Water Softener Replacement and Installation
If your water softener is old or defective beyond repair, you may need to consider water softener replacement. Here at Weilhammer Plumbing Company, we carry the highly-regarded Clack On Demand Water Conditioners that we sell and install. If you choose our services, we will also haul away your old appliance free of charge. As soon as TODAY, we can install a New Metered 48,000 Grain unit with a 4-year labor warranty and a 7-year parts warranty for under $1300. Again, we never pressure anyone to buy, but we do offer one of the most affordable and effective water softeners on the market. If you choose to purchase your unit separate from us, we are still happy to provide more affordable installation services! For more information about Clack water softeners, or water softener installation, call our professionals at 317-784-1870, today.
Hard Water Removal
If you are starting to notice subtle changes in your dishes, skin, laundry, and plumbing fixtures, it may be related to a hard water issue. Regular city water contains hard minerals, such as iron, calcium, and magnesium. The presence of these minerals in excess is described as “hard water”, which comes from a well or faucet. Depending on the area in which you live, the level of hardness in water varies. Some areas are very high in mineral content, while other areas have naturally softer water. In either case, a water conditioner or water softener can eliminate these mineral ions and reduce the level of hardness in your home’s water. Here in Indianapolis, our local waters supplies are clean and safe, but retain a moderate level of hardness. This means that all Hoosiers will benefit from a quality water conditioner.
Do You Have Hard Water?
Look for Common Signs:
  • Spots on Dishes
  • Foggy Glasses
  • Scum on Plumbing Fixtures
  • Dry or Itchy Skin Feeling
  • Residue/Lackluster Hair
  • Broken Boiler
  • Faded/Dingy Laundry
  • Bad Tasting Water or Coffee
  • Plumbing Pipe Problems
  • Reduced Water Heater Efficiency
  • Increased Utility Bills
  • And More
Water Softening Systems Indianapolis IN
A Quality Water Softener Saves You Money
The hardness of water is measured in Milligrams per Liter (mg/L). Soft water is typically anywhere from 0-60 mg/L, while moderately hard water can range from 61-120 mg/L. Measurements above 120 mg/L is in the hard water range, while any reading above 180mg/L is VERY hard water. It is vital to remove high levels of calcium and magnesium deposits from a property’s water supply because hard water can cause significant damages to several components of a plumbing system and related waterline appliances, including water heaters. These damages can quickly lead to costly and invasive repairs that may not be covered under your insurance policy.

Installing a water softener system can save you hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars over the years! Our professional water treatment contractors can accurately assess your level of hard water, clearly define these measurements, and provide workable solutions that fit your budget. We also offer a wide range of water purification services and products to improve drinking water, including RO systems, whole house water filters, iron filtration, and more! Contact Us at 317-784-1870 to learn more about improving your property’s water, today. We are happy to provide free information and estimates!
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