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If a plumbing company does not advertise or post a state license number, they are not real plumbers. It is the state law to display or make evident a plumbing license number for all clients to see. If they fail to do so, it is because they are inexperienced, uninsured, or they are simply not real plumbers. They could also be “Craigslist” contractors that are in business one month, and gone the next. They most likely do not adhere to plumbing best practices and codes, nor file employee background checks, review employee criminal histories, and mandate employee drug testing. Hiring an illegitimate plumbing company can be like paying a criminal to rob you. They are taking your money without the capability of professionally backing their work. This can cost property owners more money in the long run. Always check for a license number for all plumbers and contractors before doing business with them.
Many brands of Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant (FVIR) water heaters have a lint filter that MUST BE disassembled and cleaned by the owner quarterly (every three months) in order for it to be covered under warranty. If this is none done, the warranty is void!
Several types of water heaters, softeners, and more are undergoing public and legal scrutiny because of poor design, warranties, and more. To read the long list of complaints in detail, click here.
Whirlpool water heaters are basically “disposable” once they start to exhibit complications or issues of any sort. Whirlpool water heater parts are not easily available in order to have your unit repaired in a timely manner. It’s your decision how much time, money, and hindrance you want to experience before investing in a better brand. If they begin to act up, it is more lucrative to recycle them and purchase a better unit. Suggested brands include Rheem, Bradford White, Kenmore, American Standard, Koehler, and Bosch.
An Important Message from the Owner...
Probably the most aggravating problem we have had to deal with over the past 12 years has been the Whirlpool FVIR Flame Lock water heater. This brand of water heater came out in 2001 and has been a problem ever since; to homeowners and plumbers alike all across the nation.

In 2001, Whirlpool rushed to get their new FVIR style gas water heater on the market about 2 years before any of their competitors had a product available. It appears Whirlpool did not do enough research and development before putting their product on the market. Only after a very short time, folks across the country began having problems with this brand. Someone in California decided to file a class action lawsuit against Whirlpool and their sub-standard FLAME LOCK water heater.

This lawsuit was finally settled and Whirlpool made some minor design changes to their water heater. It appears that anyone wishing new repair parts to upgrade the FLAMELOCK water heater, or even their newer style heater, only has to call Whirlpool and they will send them new parts for free.

Most people have no business tampering with gas burners or gas valves, or taking apart the gas lines going to their water heater. I feel it is un-safe to be sending home-owners gas valves, and burners and expect them to do repairs themselves. Breaking down FVIR gas water heaters, and installing gas valves is something better left for a licensed plumber to do. I have gone out to repair Whirlpool water heaters only to find that the homeowner was sent the wrong parts, or after installing the parts, it did not fix the problem at all.

People can get extremely angry and frustrated after they have waited a full week without hot water and then the wrong repair parts arrive. Of course you still have to pay your plumber for the trip and service call. With no hot water, many folks finally just give up on repairing the Whirlpool heater and have us install a high quality RHEEM water heater for them on that very same day. Installing a better brand of water heater is usually the best way to solve your hot water problems once and for all... just cut your losses and run.

Another problem with this settlement is the fact that their newer style gas water heaters are doing no better than their original water heater because the complaints just keep rolling in, to many sites across the nation almost every day.

Mark Weilhammer - State Licensed Master Plumber Owner and Operator of Weilhammer Plumbing Company
Most warranties offer inadequate or limited labor agreements. This means after one year, or however long the warranty is in place, you will be obligated to pay out-of-pocket for all repairs unless you choose the DIY route.
Also, if your water heater unit blatantly states, “Do Not Call the Hardware Store Back for Water Heater Problems. Call this 1-800 Number for Help”, then you have been “hung out to dry” by your water heater provider. Give Weilhammer Plumbing Company a call at 317-784-1870 if this happens to you.
First of all, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to install catch pan for your water heater. The combination of high water pressure and a closed-looped system should be accompanied with a T&P valve (Thermal Expansion Tank and Pressure Reducing Valve). Install a T&P valve if your home has this combination in plumbing. If you wish to pass on the service, simply tell the plumber “no thank you” and then sign off on the service. Sometimes, due to high water pressure or thermal expansion, T&P valves can open, causing a huge flood inside the home. If this has happened to you, and the pipe can be run to a drain, our Indianapolis Plumbers will do it for FREE! Call us at 317-784-1870 for more information.