Top 4 Indicators Your Water Softener Needs Replacement

Your water softener is the unsung hero of your household, diligently working to ensure you have soft, scale-free water that’s kind to your appliances and your skin. However, like all heroes, your water softener can’t fight the good fight forever. It may need a helping hand in the form of repair, or in some cases, full replacement. But how do you know when it’s time to give your water softener the TLC it deserves?

In this post, we will explore the top 4 indicators your water softener needs replacement, letting you in on the tell-tale signs you should be watching for. Whether you’re considering water softener installation for the first time or thinking about replacing your old unit, this guide will come in handy for you.

Call 317-784-1870 to Replace Your Old or Broken Water Softener in Indianapolis Indiana
Call 317-784-1870 to Replace Your Old or Broken Water Softener in Indianapolis Indiana

How to Tell if You Need Water Softener Replacement Service

Looking after your water softener is key to ensuring it performs optimally for many years to come. Regular maintenance and filter changes are essential for keeping the unit in top condition, so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper care. With that in mind, you should gain a better perspective of how to keep an eye out for any signs that your water softener might need repaired or replaced.

Top 4 indicators that suggest you need to replace your water softener system ASAP:

Your Softened Water Contains Hardness Particles

The most obvious indicator your water softener needs replacement is if you find hard particles in your softened water. If you’re unsure whether your water is hard or not, a simple store-bought hard water test can help you determine your home or office’s water hardness. You can purchase a hard water test kit from your local hardware or home improvement store, or you can also request a test from a professional soft water company in Indianapolis.

Your Water Softener Is Old and Outdated

If your water softener is over 8 years old, then it’s likely due for a replacement. This is because the technology used in today’s water softeners has come a long way since older models were released, and you can now get a much better performance from modern units than those released 8 or more years ago. Therefore, it’s worth considering water softener installation for a brand new unit.

Your Water Softener Is Noisy

If your water softener is making strange noises like grinding, humming, or whining, then this could be an indication that the internal components of the unit have worn down and need replacing. This is especially the case if the noise becomes louder over time. Don’t expect these kind of water softener noises to go away – they will only get worse as time goes on!

Your Water Softener Is Not Performing as It Should

If your water softener isn’t eliminating hard water from your plumbing system, you will start to see the signs. One of the most noticeable signs of hard water is the buildup of limescale or mold on appliances and fixtures. This not only looks unsightly but can also decrease the lifespan of your washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, and other plumbed appliances.

In addition, hard water can lead to an increase in utility bills due to the inefficiency of appliances that are clogged with limescale and minerals – this means higher electric bills, energy bills, and water bills. Overtime, appliances can breakdown entirely and require replacement, which is even more expensive.

Furthermore, the effects of hard water can also be felt on your skin and hair, which can become dry and itchy, and even affect the quality and feel of your laundry. This can make you spend more money because you have to replace your shampoos and soaps more often, take longer showers to rinse off thoroughly, and replace clothing due to fading and wear-and-tear.

Shopping Around for a New Water Softener

When you’re looking for a new water softener, make sure to consider all of your options carefully. Look for a unit that’s designed for high efficiency and will stand the test of time. Also, look out for any additional features that could benefit your household, such as filter systems or self-cleaning capabilities. With the right water softener in place, you can enjoy clean and soft water without issue for many years to come.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this guide has given you a better idea of when it’s time to start considering installing a new water softening system, or in the least, getting your current unit repaired. By paying attention to the signs that we’ve discussed here, you can be sure your household will always have access to soft, clean water that’s free from hard minerals and sediment.

If you’re looking for a professional to help with water softener installation, repair, or replacement, then look no further than Weilhammer Plumbing Company. Our team of dedicated master plumbers provide top-notch water softener service and repair in Indianapolis – plus we can help you find the perfect water softener system for your home with our quality line of Clack water softeners! Contact us at 317-784-1870 to discuss how we can help you with affordable hard water treatment and water softener replacement, today.

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