Is it Time to Replace Your Plumbing Pipes?

As a homeowner, you are responsible for all of the systems in your home. Among the most important is your plumbing. Residential plumbing systems are made up of various components that all play an important role, both individually and collectively. For this reason, and many more, it is important to maintain your plumbing system to the best of your ability.

With routine maintenance and inspection, you will be able to ensure that all of your systems are in good condition. You will also be able to tell when it is time to have certain components replaced. It is easier to identify a need for replacement in many of your home’s plumbing systems, such as the water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, sump pump, and similar appliances.

However, components like plumbing pipes are a bit more challenging to supervise on a regular basis. After all, you can’t reasonably commit to crawling around your crawlspace, basements, and subareas of your property. For this, you will need the help of a licensed plumber who can diagnose plumbing pipe issues, and recommended necessary repairs and replacements to resolve any issues.

Although you will need to have a licensed master plumber inspect and service your piping, you can get a head start by learning more about plumbing pipe replacement. Continue below to learn the average life expectancy of plumbing pipes, and when you should have your plumbing system inspected for repair and replacement needs.

Indianapolis Master Plumbers 317-784-1870
Indianapolis Master Plumbers 317-784-1870

Average Life of Plumbing Piping

In order to know when you should have your home’s plumbing replaced, you must first confirm which type of material the pipes are made of. Different types of metals and materials vary in life expectancy, so avoid premature or needless replacement by learning which type of plumbing pipes you have.

? Which Type of Plumbing Pipes Do You Have?

↣ Copper – 50 Years
↣ Brass – 40 to 70 Years
↣ Galvanized Steel – 20 to 50 Years
↣ Cast Iron – 75 to 100 Years
↣ PVC – For life

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