Water Softener Buyers Beware of Cheap, Sub-Standard Brands on the Market

Water Heater Repair and Service 317-784-1870

Water Heater Repair and Service 317-784-1870

Okay folks, here it is; the BEST water softener brand in Indiana is the CLACK ON DEMAND. Our services provide installation for a NEW METERED 48,000 Grain Unit with a 2-Year LABOR Warranty and 5-Year Control Warranty for less than $1300 total! Just something to keep in mind if you are experiencing problems with your current water conditioning system. No matter how difficult and time-consuming, we can always figure out a way to get soft water for our clients at a price they can afford.

Best and Most Reliable Water Softeners

As just mentioned, CLACK ON DEMAND is a fantastic brand for water conditioners. The CLACK Valve is probably the most user-friendly water softener in the country. CLACK is simply the most advanced valve on the market right now. It substantially exceeds all other brand valves; including FLECK, CULLIGAN, AUTOTROL, and even KINTETICO.

NOT RECOMMENDED IN A MILLION YEARS: Whirlpool, GE, SEARS, and Morton Water Softeners

The above, non-recommended, brands are difficult to repair because not many plumbers will take on the responsibility. They know, just as we do, that there is no chance for them. We will not take your money and make empty promises for repair when it simply isn’t possible or highly unlikely. Cheap bargain brand water softeners typically have poor quality filter resin that is only made to last around 5 years in city water (hard water). On the contrary, CLACK ON DEMAND water conditioners retain mineral resin that is heavy-duty, long-lasting, and double the quality of bargain brand systems.

TAKE NOTE: From my experience as a master plumber, we have seen water heaters with excessive lime and sediment buildup from the city’s water. Think of it this way, a clean gas water heater costs around $300 per year to heat a property’s water; however, a dirty lime-ridden unit costs four times as much per year! This is one reason why water softeners are a smart investment. They essentially pay for themselves because they prevent this kind of mess and annual costs.

EXAMPLE: In 2008, I visited a client that owned a worn-out CULLIGAN water softener and needed a replacement. CULLIGAN quoted nearly $2000 for a GOLD SERIES replacement unit. Here at the WEILHAMMER PLUMBING COMPANY, we installed a brand new CLACK unit for less than $1100, instead! See the difference?


NEVER fall victim to “home show”, “high-pressure”, or “fly-by-the-night” salesmen, or conmen as I like to call them. They try to sell you 15 year old fancy-sounding equipment for up to $6,000! WE hear this complaint from customers all too often. Do not get swindled into buying old, over-priced equipment from home shows or conventions. Remember, we can install a brand new 48,000 grain CLACK unit for less than $1300.

Now let’s talk salt-free. Or better yet, just read these customer reviews and decide for yourself:

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