How Hard Water Problems Can Cost You Money

Living with hard water will pose all sorts of problems around the house, from laundry and bathing to dish washing, skincare, hair care, plumbing, appliances, and much more. But what many homeowners do not realize is that hard water can also affect the bank account, especially if they’ve been living with hard water for a very long time.

Continue reading to learn how hard water problems can cost you money, and how a water softener can solve this issue and it improve your overall quality of life.

Indianapolis Water Softener Services 317-784-1870
Indianapolis Water Softener Services 317-784-1870

What is Hard Water?

Hard water comes from the ground. It starts as rainwater, which is naturally soft; then it permeates the ground and seeps deep within sand, soil, and rock. As its saturating the ground, rainwater collects mineral deposits, such as magnesium and calcium, which cause water to be hard. Hard water is measured in grains per gallon. The more salt minerals water contains, the “harder” the water is said to be. Depending on local water treatment centers and plumbing developments, the degree of hardness in a person’s water will differ. 

The Cost of Living With Hard Water

When you are dealing with a hard water problem in your house, you may face additional expenses that you will have to pay for out-of-pocket. Hard water can cause your appliances to break down because sediment will accumulate within their systems causing them to work in overdrive. This leads to premature appliance placement is very costly. Furthermore, because your appliances are working harder, your utility bills are going to skyrocket, which means you are paying more for energy and electricity and water each month.

Another way hard water will cost you money is in terms of water consumption. Your water bill will also skyrocket because you will have to use more water to rinse things, such as cleaning your clothes or washing your hands. Because hard water doesn’t lather well, you’ll take longer to rinse your shampoo and conditioner of your hair, therefore using more water. The same theory applies to washing your hands or washing your clothes in the laundry machine.

In a less obvious way, and perhaps less impactful, hard water can also cause you to spend more money on things like shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, and similar cleaning supplies since hard water makes it more difficult to get things clean. As a result of this, you tend to use more of these items each time.

How to Solve a Hard Water Problem

A quality water conditioning system, such as a conventional water softener, is the best solution for solving a hard water problem, whether at home or your place of business. A water softener eliminates all of the hard mineral ions in your water supply that makes water hard, such as iron, magnesium, calcium, and possibly heavy metals like lead and mercury. Talk to your local Indianapolis plumbing company for advice on which water softener is best for your home or office.

Are you ready to install a new water softener or have your current water softener repaired? Contact Weilhammer Plumbing Company at 317-784-1870 for water softener services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve both residential and commercial clients and offer free advice anytime!

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Indianapolis Indiana Master Plumbers 317-784-1870
Indianapolis Indiana Master Plumbers 317-784-1870

The Top 3 Advantages of Owning a Water Softener

Water Softener Repair 317-784-1870

Water Softener Installation and Repair 317-784-1870

Whether you own commercial or residential property, one of the most valuable investments you can make in life is a water conditioning system. A water softener is an ion exchange plumbing appliance that plays a critical role in various aspects of your home’s structural integrity and plumbing performance, as well as, your personal comfort and safety. Without a water conditioner, you are at risk of being subjected to several undesirable effects of hard water.

Hard water is groundwater, well water, or municipal water that contains high traces of hard minerals, such as iron, calcium, and magnesium, as well as various other contaminants. It causes lime scale buildup in plumbing pipes, appliances, and around plumbing fixtures. But that’s not all; it can also have negative or damaging effects on skin, hair, laundry,
coffee, tea, lemonade, cooking, and more.

Water softeners use an ion exchange resin process that converts hard water into soft water. Resin beads inside the water softener tank are negatively charged, so when contaminated water passes through the resin, it attracts and retains all the positively-charged hard ions. The leftover water is conditioned with a soft mineral ion, such as sodium or potassium (salt pellets), turning it into soft water.

Here are 3 Top Benefits of Water Conditioning:

Better Quality Drinking Water

Hard water is not something you want to drink. Although it won’t incur any serious harm, it can contain a long list of possible contaminants that can make a person sick or cause adverse health effects. It can also affect calcium and magnesium levels for those who monitor their daily intake. For these individuals, it would be recommended to install a water purification system along with a water softener for best results.

Improved Cleanliness

Hard water does not lather well; nor does it clean well. This is because the hard mineral ions in hard water make it adhere less to soap. This results in poor shampooing and conditioning, which can lead to lifeless, residue-filled hair. It also results in poor dish washing, laundry, mopping, window cleaning, and general cleaning. Another common consequence of hard water is the appearance of white spots on dishes and greenish-blue scum around faucets and drains.

Asset Protection

Hard water can do a lot a damage to your home’s plumbing system and water-based appliances, including water heaters, drains, plumbing pipes, dishwashers, washing machines, and more. It can also add a lot more wear and tear to these systems. Not only can lime scale buildup clog pipes and reduce their performance, hard water can lead to costly plumbing repairs and replacements.

Softening your water will help protect your plumbing and appliances, thus increasing their lifespan and efficiency. As a result of this protection, you earn a 4th bonus to owning a water softener: monthly savings on utility and energy usage! This means you can literally save money by investing in a quality water softener!

Indianapolis Water Softener Installation

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Call Weilhammer Plumbing Company at 317-784-1870 for professional water softener services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer a wide range of standard and master plumber services for residential and commercial properties, and specialize in water softener installation and repair for all make and model units. Call 317-784-1870 to request a free estimate, today.

How Do I Know if I Have a Hard Water Problem?

Are you concerned that your home’s water is not as pure and soft as it could be? Perhaps your current water softener needs replaced, and you have not noticed the signs suggesting a hard water problem yet. If you are ready to evaluate your water, start by looking for hard water evidence around the home. Continue reading to learn the common signs of hard water and the best solutions to the problem.

Indianapolis Plumbers 317-784-1870

Indianapolis Plumbers 317-784-1870

Hard water is water that contains high traces of hard mineral ions. The most common hard minerals include iron, calcium, and magnesium. But aside from hardness, there are several more contaminants found in hard water than just these three. These contaminants can alter the way your water looks, tastes, and feels. It is in your best interest to quickly identify a hard water problem and implement the proper strategies to correct the mineral imbalance.

Signs of Hard Water:

White Film on Surfaces or Dishes
Cloudy Glass
White Spots on Glass
Greasy, Dull Hair
Itchy, Dry Skin
Dingy/Smelly Laundry
Stiff Laundry
Slowed or Lack of Hot Water
Lack of Soap Suds
Metallic Smell in Tap Water
White Crust around Plumbing Fixtures
Increase in Water Consumption
Increased Energy and Utility Bills

Effects of Hard Water

Hard water can also negatively affect your water-related appliances and systems, such as your water heater, boiler, washing machine, plumbing pipes, and more. The accumulation of sediment causes the internal workings of these systems to corrode overtime, leading to poor performance, safety issues, and costly repairs. For these reasons and more, it is vital to maintain a functioning water softener. Water softeners are the best method of removing hard mineral ions from a home’s water. If you do not have one already, this is your answer to your hard water problem. Be sure to contact a licensed plumber for help with water softener advice, selection, installation, and service.

Indianapolis Water Softener Service

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Call Weilhammer Plumbing Company at 317-784-1870 when you need a reliable Indianapolis water softener service you can afford. Our licensed plumbers always show up on time and ready to work! Owner, Mark Weilhammer and his team retain decades of experience in the plumbing industry. We offer a wide range of water softener and plumbing repair for both commercial and residential properties. Call 317-784-1870 to request a free estimate, today!

Weilhammer Plumbing Co. Inc. Repairs Water Heaters and Water Softeners!

Water Heater Repair and Service 317-784-1870

Water Heater Repair and Service 317-784-1870

Weilhammer Plumbing Company is your solution to prompt and professional home plumbing appliance repair and service you can trust, all at an affordable price! That is because our highly trained and licensed plumbers provide inspections, maintenance, repairs, replacements, and installations for all make and model water heaters and water softeners for commercial and residential properties.

Family Owned and Operated Since 1901

As a family-owned and operated business, we understand the value of a dollar, so we make sure to always maintain a economy-based prices that everyone can afford! We even offer free plumbing advice and old equipment haul-away service! Weilhammer Plumbing Company has been in business for over 100 years as a family-owned and operated company serving Central Indiana and all of Indianapolis.

Hoosiers everywhere trust our teams for the highest standards of excellence in the plumbing repair industry. And not only do we service and repair water heaters and water softeners, we also sell them! We carry Clack On Demand Water Conditioners that come highly recommended on the market, as well as Rheem water heaters that are also fully-backed by our skilled plumbers.

Indianapolis Water Heater Repair and Water Softener Repair

Weilhammer Plumbing Company Indianapolis Indiana

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Owner, Mark Weilhammer, is a state-licensed master plumber with over 50 years of experience in the plumbing repair industry. He and his team of certified plumbing contractors provide a wide range of water heater and water softener services for commercial and residential properties. Services include repair, maintenance, installations, replacements, and more.

So whether you need a routine flush, or a brand-new water heater and replacement service, we are the professionals who can deliver outstanding result in a convenient time frame. And since we provide the services, we are your one stop shop for your water-related home appliances! Call 317-784-1874 to request a free estimate for
Indianapolis water heater repair and/or
water softener repair, today.

Water Softener Buyers Beware of Cheap, Sub-Standard Brands on the Market

Water Heater Repair and Service 317-784-1870

Water Heater Repair and Service 317-784-1870

Okay folks, here it is; the BEST water softener brand in Indiana is the CLACK ON DEMAND. Our services provide installation for a NEW METERED 48,000 Grain Unit with a 2-Year LABOR Warranty and 5-Year Control Warranty for less than $1300 total! Just something to keep in mind if you are experiencing problems with your current water conditioning system. No matter how difficult and time-consuming, we can always figure out a way to get soft water for our clients at a price they can afford.

Best and Most Reliable Water Softeners

As just mentioned, CLACK ON DEMAND is a fantastic brand for water conditioners. The CLACK Valve is probably the most user-friendly water softener in the country. CLACK is simply the most advanced valve on the market right now. It substantially exceeds all other brand valves; including FLECK, CULLIGAN, AUTOTROL, and even KINTETICO.

NOT RECOMMENDED IN A MILLION YEARS: Whirlpool, GE, SEARS, and Morton Water Softeners

The above, non-recommended, brands are difficult to repair because not many plumbers will take on the responsibility. They know, just as we do, that there is no chance for them. We will not take your money and make empty promises for repair when it simply isn’t possible or highly unlikely. Cheap bargain brand water softeners typically have poor quality filter resin that is only made to last around 5 years in city water (hard water). On the contrary, CLACK ON DEMAND water conditioners retain mineral resin that is heavy-duty, long-lasting, and double the quality of bargain brand systems.

TAKE NOTE: From my experience as a master plumber, we have seen water heaters with excessive lime and sediment buildup from the city’s water. Think of it this way, a clean gas water heater costs around $300 per year to heat a property’s water; however, a dirty lime-ridden unit costs four times as much per year! This is one reason why water softeners are a smart investment. They essentially pay for themselves because they prevent this kind of mess and annual costs.

EXAMPLE: In 2008, I visited a client that owned a worn-out CULLIGAN water softener and needed a replacement. CULLIGAN quoted nearly $2000 for a GOLD SERIES replacement unit. Here at the WEILHAMMER PLUMBING COMPANY, we installed a brand new CLACK unit for less than $1100, instead! See the difference?


NEVER fall victim to “home show”, “high-pressure”, or “fly-by-the-night” salesmen, or conmen as I like to call them. They try to sell you 15 year old fancy-sounding equipment for up to $6,000! WE hear this complaint from customers all too often. Do not get swindled into buying old, over-priced equipment from home shows or conventions. Remember, we can install a brand new 48,000 grain CLACK unit for less than $1300.

Now let’s talk salt-free. Or better yet, just read these customer reviews and decide for yourself:

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Weilhammer Plumbing Company – Indianapolis, IN

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Call Weilhammer Plumbing Co. at 317-714-0759 for reputable and trustworthy plumbing services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We have been a family owned and operated plumbing company for more than 112 years! This means we have earned the utmost respect and the trust of our Hoosier communities over the past several decades. We are state licensed plumbers that offer the most competitive plumbing prices in the state. We only want the best for our customers, so we retain the latest technologies for plumbing repair, and only the highest quality products and appliances. Call us today at 317-714-0759 for more information about plumbing repair and service in Indianapolis, IN and its nearby counties.