Why Won’t My Sump Pump Turn Off After it Rains a Lot?

It is still April, and the forecast is showing a lot of rain ahead. So, if you notice that your sump pump seems to run continuously after your area experiences a heavy rainfall, you might be a little concerned right about now. Many often think their sump pump is malfunctioning when this happens. But the truth is, there is a very good reason why a sump pump does this.

Continue reading to find out what you need to know about sump pumps and heavy rains.

Indianapolis Sump Pump Service 317-784-1870
Indianapolis Sump Pump Service 317-784-1870

What Your Sump Pump Does

It is okay if you are not entirely sure what your sump pump does, exactly. You are not alone. Many homeowners simply rely on the assumption that their sump pump is operating properly and at full efficiency. However, when you really learn how these units work, you can better diagnose issues when they occur. It can also help you put your mind at ease when your sump pump begins to demonstrate some unfamiliar behaviors, such as the constant running you hear after a heavy rain. See our blog, “What You Need to Know About Your Sump Pump” to get this type of knowledge.

Effects of Heavy Rainfalls

After a heavy storm or long period of steady rainfall, the ground is full with a lot more water than normal. Since sump pumps activate when the pit fills with water to a certain level, the pump will continue to activate itself and pump water out, so long as the ground is still saturated with water from a heavy rain. Basically, it takes longer for large amounts of water to drain from the soul in the ground, which in turn, causes sump pumps to continue working until the water inside the pit is below the trigger line.

Some areas have more permeable soil conditions, so their sump pumps are not overwhelmed with this type of onset of groundwater after a rain. So, if this is something you experience often, it could have something to do with the soil conditions and geography of your area.

Sump Pump Inspection and Maintenance

Your sump pump is a mechanical device, which means it vitally requires regular maintenance and care. In order to ensure your sump pump is working properly and efficiently, have it inspected and serviced by a professional plumber once a year. In addition to professional sump pump service, you also need to keep in mind that if your sump pump is not the proper size or capacity for your particular property, you will need to address that issues as soon as possible, or risk flooding issues eventually. Talk to your trusted plumber for sump pump advice and installation.

Got Sump Pump Problems?

When your sump pump needs service, you need a state-licensed master plumber. Call Weilhammer Plumbing Co. Inc. at 317-784-1870 for professional master plumbing service and repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our highly trained and licensed plumbers provide a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services, including sump pump repair and replacement. We even sell top-of-the-line Aquanot ll® Battery Backup Sump Pumps and Zoeller sump pumps below market price! Request a free estimate, today.