What You Need to Know About Selecting a New Water Heater

Usually, it is perfectly acceptable to purchase items on impulse, or without any preparation whatsoever. But when it comes to high-priced commodities, like water heaters, your purchase is more of an investment, which requires some considerable forethought. If you need a new water heater, be sure you are fully-informed so that you have the tools to choose the right water heater for your home or business.

Continue reading to learn what you need to know about buying water heaters, and how to get professional and prompt water heater installation right here in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Indianapolis Water Heater Services 317-784-1870
Indianapolis Water Heater Services 317-784-1870

Water Heater Factors to Consider

Your water heater is one of the predominant sources of water and energy in your home. By choosing the right water heater, you can better support energy efficiency and reduce water waste in your home, which also lowers your monthly utility bills. There are many types of water heaters on the market, so the one you get will depend first on the type of power you prefer and your property’s outlet capabilities.

If your home is equipped for gas, you could opt for a gas water heater. You can also opt for an electric water heater, tankless water heater (instantaneous water heaters), solar water heater, hybrid water heater, or an indirect-fired water heater that connects to a whole-house boiler. There are even oil-powered water heaters.

The type of water heater you ultimately decide on will primarily depend on your fuel preference or setup, the number of occupants in the residence or building, and your budget. For those who have a boiler or a hydronic heating system, an indirect-fired water heater would be a possible option. These use the boiler as their primary source of heating.

Water Heater Size and Capacity

The size of your water heater is the next factor to consider before making your purchase. Water heaters are sized by the number of gallons they store in their tank, unless of course they are a tankless or alternative model. Tankless water heaters have a coil that heats water instantly, negating the need for a storage tank.

Conventional water heaters hold between 20 and 80 gallons of water. The size you need depends on how much water your property will heat on a daily basis. This includes bathing, dish washing, laundry, and all other hot-water uses. The larger your home, or the more people within, the bigger the water heater you will need.

Another factor to consider when buying a new water heater is warranty coverage. Some water heaters come with better warranties than others, so be sure you are including that element into your decision-making process. Try to compare warranties, and check with your homeowners’ insurance to learn what might be covered as well.



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