Think Twice Before Purchasing a Whirlpool Water Heater!

Water Heater Repair and Service 317-784-1870

Water Heater Repair and Service 317-784-1870

In my own opinion, derived from over 50 years of experience as a master plumber, Whirlpool Gas FVIR water heaters may be the WORST hot water heaters ever made and sold on the market, EVER. If that wasn’t clear enough, continue reading to learn more reasons why Whirlpool brand water heaters are terrible and frustrating investments that all buyers should be warned about.

Whirlpool Water Heaters are THROW-AWAY Appliances! Basically, if a Whirlpool water heater breaks down, they might as well be thrown in the garbage. If you don’t believe it, give me a call at 317-714-0759 and I will happily provide you with all the FREE information you can ask for regarding Whirlpool gas water heaters, repair tips, and warranties. OR you can check out my very own Whirlpool Water Heater Repair webpage (separate from my website), that discusses my discontent
and emphasizes the troubles with this brand.

The Trouble with Whirlpool Water Heater…They are the WORST Water Heaters Ever Made!

Replacement and repair parts are not easily available for Whirlpool water heaters. It takes weeks and sometimes months to locate the right part, and then wait for it to be shipped to your home or office. Do you want to wait for hot water that long? Check Out these Recent CUSTOMER REVIEWS!

More Problems with Whirlpool:

1. The air intake screen is too small; so within a short amount of time, it clogs up with lint, dust, hair, and other standard debris. Somehow, you must manage to clean the lint off the bottom of the appliance every three months (which is nearly impossible); otherwise it will not get enough air to operate efficiently.

2. There are several “Built-In” design flaws that cannot be repaired. The flaw is manufactured as a part of the appliance, so there is no “repairing” it or locating a replacement part to fix the problem.

3. Installing a Whirlpool water heater in a laundry room will most certainly cause it to fail. The air intake is too small but its sucks up lint like a vacuum sweeper! This starves it for air, and reduces its ability to operate properly.

4. Their new improved 2010 Honeywell thermostat design is not even close to an improvement at all. It overheats and burns out too. They have somehow managed to make the original problem much worse.

SIDE NOTE: In my professional opinion, tampering or “jerry-rigging” this unit to make it work is a LIABILITY AND SAFETY HAZARD, and should never be attempted. I believe it is very unsafe for budget-conscience home-owners to have gas valves and gas burners mailed to them; and then be expected to repair the heater themselves. Wouldn’t you agree?

5. Warranties are VOID if the lint filter are not cleaned every 3 months! And they are non-transferable to new home owners!

These units, in my opinion, should be removed from the market, and all units sold should be replaced instead of rebuilt over and over again. Look at the 1500+ Customer Complaints Regarding Whirlpool Water Heaters!

Information Provided By Mark Weilhammer, Master Plumber and Owner of Weilhammer Plumbing Company in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Whirlpool Water Heater Repair Advice

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Call Weilhammer Plumbing Company for assistance with Whirlpool water heater problems and advice for repairs in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner Mark Weilhammer, and his team, are master plumbers with more than 60 years of experience repairing water heaters and plumbing systems for homes and office buildings. We offer free estimates, free information, free advice, and water heater sales. Our Rheem water heaters are among the best brands sold on the market today; and we offer the most competitive prices in Indianapolis for our water heater products and appliances. Call 317-714-0759 and speak with a live and knowledgeable master plumber in Indianapolis, IN regarding water heater repair and services.