How to Drain Your Plumbing System

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Plumbing Drain Repair 317-784-1870

You may never have to drain your home’s plumbing system, but sometimes, it is the best solution to a range of problems. The most common reasons to drain the plumbing is to fix a water hammer issue, lock up a seasonal property for winter, or to repair and replace plumbing lines.

If you are facing any of the above plumbing challenges, draining might help. If you are not comfortable taking on this task yourself, simply hire a licensed plumber for professional plumbing service.

However, if you are a regular handyman or women, you could get the job done so long as you have the right knowledge and supplied. Continue reading for a brief guide to draining your plumbing system.

Getting Started


You will need to locate and shut off the main water valve before the meter, on the supply side. If you are having trouble locating your main water valve, just look for your water meter. Then follow the supply lines into your home. If you are still having trouble, call your local plumber for quick, over-the-phone assistance. Once you turn off the main water supply, you can move on with the remaining steps.


If your home has multiple levels, start at the highest level and open all of the sink faucets. Work your way down to the basement or bottom level.


Once you are on the lowest floor in your home, open the laundry tub faucet and let all the water drain out from upstairs.


Repeat the second step, except instead of opening all the sink faucets, open all the shower and bathtub faucets.


Flush all the toilets in your house, starting on the top floor and working your way down.


If you are leaving a home unattended for a long period of time, like an entire season, leave all faucets in the open position. This is common for vacation homes and seasonal properties.


Do a final check-through on all floors to ensure that all faucets are open and not dripping water. It is okay for faucets on the first floor to have a slow residual drip. But other than that, there should be no water coming out of them.


If you are leaving the home unattended for a long period of time, block all the toilet bowls and tub drains with wadded cloths or plastic wrap to prevent leaking sewer gasses.


Close all faucets in the home, and turn the main water valve back on!


If you are still experiencing a water hammer problem, or any other plumbing issues, contact a licensed plumber for professional assistance. Do not take any chances with your plumbing! Small issues can quickly turn into large, costly ones in a matter of hours!

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