Frequently Asked Questions About No-Salt Water Softeners

Whether you need to replace an old or broken water softener or have moved to a state that does not allow self-generating water softeners, the best alternative might just be a salt-free unit. Not too keen on saltless water softeners? You are not alone. Continue below for an introduction to no-salt water softening with these frequently asked questions and answers.

Saltless Water Softeners Indianapolis Indiana 317-784-1870
Saltless Water Softeners Indianapolis Indiana 317-784-1870

Saltfree Water Softener FAQS

Call them what you like, saltless, saltfree, or no salt, these water softeners have proven to be innovative and viable options for water softening. Not many people know much about salt free water softeners, so these frequently asked questions will help you understand what they are, how they work, their level of effectiveness at hard water treatment, and more.

What is a Salt-Free Water Softener?

A salt-free water softener is an alternative water conditioning system that is designed to abate the effects of hard water. Saltless water softeners do not require salt pellet refills like conventional units do. When you have a salt free water softener, you will not need to buy bags of softening salt and refill the unit on a regular basis. Many people find this attribute attractive due to the increasing costs of water softening salts, such as the standard potassium chloride or sodium chloride products we see on the market.

How Does a No-Salt Water Softener Work?

No-salt water softeners work differently than conventional water conditioning systems. A standard, salt-based water softener uses ion-exchange technology to eliminate hard water. This means it exchanges sodium chloride (sometimes potassium chloride) for the hard mineral ions in water, then flushes them out of the system, leaving water pure and soft. Salt-less water softeners do not remove hard mineral ions, but rather, change their molecular structure so that they do not adhere to any surfaces. This reduces the development of scale around and within plumbing fixtures. For this reason, saltfree water softeners are more like water conditioning systems than water softening systems.

Are Saltless Water Softeners Effective at Hard Water Removal?

As just explained, saltless water softeners do not actually remove hard mineral ions from water. Instead, they change the molecular structure of the hard mineral ions so that they are not able of adhering to any surfaces, like water heater tanks, plumbing pipes, and fixtures. For this reason, no-salt units are more like scale-inhibiting water conditioners rather than softeners.

What are the Benefits of Saltfree Water Softening?

 No-salt water softeners provide the same benefits that salt-based water softeners do. Not only do both types of water softening systems decrease the negative and costly effects of scale accumulation within and around your plumbing, which reduces unnecessary repair bills and prevents high utility costs, but they also deliver a wide range of well-being benefits, like healthy hair, skin, and nails. Saltfree water softeners also protect the integrity of your laundry and linens, as well as your glassware and dishes.

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