A Quick Comparison of Tankless and Tank Style Water Heaters

Is it time for hot water heater replacement? If so, you may want to make reconsider the type of water heater you buy. After all, traditional tank-style water heaters are not the only reasonable option available in today’s plumbing and water heating industry. Although highly efficient and exponentially innovative, tank-style water heaters are being passed up by consumers for alternative water heating technologies, such as electric water heaters, solar-powered water heaters, and boilers.

But a new emerging water heating technology is becoming more and more popular as the innovation of their design continues to improve. We are talking about tankless water heaters, also known as On-Demand water heaters. So, how do you know if a tankless or tank-style water heater is best for you?

Continue below to review a quick comparison of tank-style and tankless water heaters, and who to call for professional water heater sales and replacement services in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Hot Water Heater Services 317-784-1870
Indianapolis Hot Water Heater Services 317-784-1870

Water Heater Replacement Advice

How do you know when it is time to replace a hot water heater? Well, there are a few factors to consider. The first aspect to focus on is age. The average tank-style water heater lasts between 8 and 10 years. If your water heater is that old, it may be time to replace it with an updated model. Other factors to consider are performance, efficiency, and premises occupancy.

If your water heater begins to show signs of performance and efficiency issues, such as less hot water, no hot water, or frequent breakdowns, it is likely time to replace it with a better unit. Other signs to look for that suggest you need water heater replacement include higher energy bills, higher water bills, and if your home has suddenly reduced from several occupants to only one or two.

Choosing a New Hot Water Heater

When choosing a new hot water heater, there are pertinent factors that you must consider as well. To select the proper water heater for your home or business, you must calculate the size of your property, the number of occupants within, the amount of hot water you expect to use, and other relevant specifics of your property. An Indianapolis hot water heater technician can help you determine the proper size and capacity water heater you need for your home or business. This includes assistance with choosing between a tankless water heater and a traditional tank-style hot water heater.

Traditional Water Heaters With a Tank

Traditional tank style water heaters are large, as they come with a reservoir of hot water that is stored in a tank, typically cylindrical in shape. Because tank style hot water heaters have heated water stored away, they are able to offer a more consistent level of hot water on-demand. Commonly, tanks water heaters are installed in the garage or basement of the home, or in a utility room of some sort.

Compared to tankless water heaters, they are typically more economical in price when it comes to installation. That is simply because most homes are still inherently equipped for tank style water heaters, and technicians are already equipped with the proper resources and materials to implement an efficient and accurate installation job.


▷ Rheem
▷ Bradford White
▷ State
▷ GE
▷ AO Smith
▷ Richmond
▷ Bosch

Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Tankless hot water heaters are just that, hot water heaters that do not come with a large cylindrical tank for storing hot water. Instead, tankless water heaters are also known as on-demand or point-of-use water heaters because they only heat the water when demanded by point of use, whether that be a faucet in the bathroom, the dishwasher in the kitchen, or the shower in the master bedroom.

As a result of their mechanics and design, tankless water heaters are highly efficient, and more than capable of reducing monthly energy and water bills. For this reason, they are also considered one of the most environmentally friendly water heaters you can buy. Because they are smaller in size, they are well-equipped for smaller residences such as apartments and condominiums, or larger homes with additional bathrooms.


▷ Rinnai
▷ Navien
▷ Noritz
▷ Takagi
▷ Bosch

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