The Purpose of Groundwater Sampling

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Groundwater sampling is the process of extracting water samples from a well. These samples are then tested to evaluate the level of pollutants and contaminants of the surrounding groundwater table.

These groundwater tests are an important part of monitoring our local water tables, as well as, an important part of Hydrology, which is the study of water quality and distribution throughout the world.

Well Construction and Water Contamination

There are certain wells that are used particularly for groundwater sampling. These wells are usually built with a large hole drilled at a fixed depth called a surface seal. Once the seal is constructed, a smaller hole is dug for the well, which is cased from the downward from the surface. But what about the space between the surface seal and the well?

This area is generally filled with concrete, or some other material similar to concrete. At the bottom of the well, contractors install some sort of filtering device that filters out impurities and other unwanted elements. From there, the water is left to its own devices, and will begin to flow in naturally.

There are two primary types of drilled groundwater wells. The first category is shallow, unconfined wells, and the second category is deep, confined wells. Shallow wells are drilled to a predetermined depth within the uppermost saturated aquifer location. Deep wells are drilled through the impermeable layer (stratum), and down to the aquifers.

Groundwater Monitoring

When groundwater sampling is carried out, the water that has been filtered inside the well is the water that is sampled. This water should not contain any excessive amounts of contaminants or pollutants if the well and filter are performing as they should. It is important to test well water so you can monitor the levels of impurities and make the proper changes when needed.

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