10 Basic Plumbing Facts You Should Know

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Most people are familiar with the basic definition of plumbing:

A series of pipes, fixtures, and appliances that manage the distribution of water and sewage in and out of a property.

But there is much more to plumbing than this! There are several interesting facts about the history, usage, and operation of plumbing that you would like to know. In fact, they might just give you a deeper appreciation and understanding of how interior plumbing is so advantageous to our world! Since there are too many to list, we’ll start with the top 10 basic plumbing facts that every homeowner should know.

Plumbing History

Fact #1

Indoor plumbing dates back to 2500 B.C. (And perhaps even before!) This includes the Egyptians, Persians, Romans, Greeks, Chinese, Indiana, and more.

Fact #2

Copper was used by Egyptians over 3000 years ago to lay plumbing pipes; and copper is STILL the most popular material used for plumbing pipes today.

Fact #3

Pipes used for water distribution were once made from lead. Accordingly, the word “plumbing” originated from the Latin word “plumbum”, which means lead.

Fact #4

Sir John Harington invented the flushable toilet in 1596 for his godmother, Queen Elizabeth I. This is why Americans casually call it “the John.”

Fact #5

Although Sir John Harington made a flushing toilet closet for the Queen, the first patent granted for a flushable toilet was to Alexander Cummings in 1775.

Around the House

Fact #6

Hot water can be one of the most dangerous hazards in your home. The average temperature setting for water heaters is between 115 and 140 degrees. Skin can burn in just 6 seconds at 140 degrees and 2 minutes at 125!

Fact #7

In the typical American household, toilet flushing constitutes up to 38% of all water-use in the home. But a low flush toilet can save you up to 18,000 gallons of water per year!

Fact #8

In the typical American household, over 9,000 gallons of water is wasted each year by running the faucet while waiting for water to heat up. This can contribute to as much as 15% of your annual water heating costs.

Fact #9

It only takes 15 minutes for a drippy faucet to fill an 8 ounce glass. That means that a single dripping faucet can waste an average of 180 gallons of water each month and over 2,160 gallons a year!

Fact #10

It is alleged that the average person will spend a total of 3 years on the toilet over the course of their lifetime. So no more dilly-dallying in the bathroom!

Plumbing Service and Repair

If you are experiencing plumbing leaks or problems, contact a trusted plumber for professional help. Do not let a high-flushing toilet or dripping faucet rack up your monthly bills. Take action now to prevent major or costly plumbing problems later on.

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