What is a Plumbing Emergency?

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A home encompasses a long list of appliances and systems that can defect at any moment. One of the most serious of household emergencies involves the plumbing. Plumbing emergencies can be the messiest and the most costly. Costs can arise from not only plumbing repair and replacement, but also from structural damage renovations and emergency service fees. One way to reduce these costs is to implement proper plumbing maintenance and routine inspections in order to catch an issue early on before it gets out of control. Another way to reduce these costs is to know which plumbing issues are emergencies and which are not.

Emergency services do cost more, but can save thousands in the end. Even if the emergency happens in the middle of the night or on a weekend, like most so-inconveniently do, it is vital to get an emergency plumber to your home immediately. If something is not a crisis, you can save on these particular costs by waiting to call a plumber during regular hours or business days.

Emergency Plumbing

It is important to know the difference between a plumbing issue that can wait until morning or the next business day, and a plumbing emergency that requires immediate service. Service costs are not cheap, and emergency ones are even more, so knowing this difference can save homeowners’ hundreds of dollars. For example, things like minor water leaks can be managed on your own by simply turning off the main water valve at night and placing a bucket underneath it during the day until you can get service. Continue for more examples of plumbing emergencies and non-emergencies.


• Gas Leaks or Lingering Gas Smells
• Flooding (i.e. carpets, floors, basement, lawn, etc.)
• Wet or “Sweaty” Walls
• Large Amounts of Standing Water in Lawn
• Burst Pipes
• Frozen Pipes
• Sump Pump Problems and Defects
• Major Water Leaks that Can’t Be Controlled with Main Water Shutoff Valve
• Etc.


• Clogged Toilet or Drain
• Running Toilet
• No Hot Water
• Small Water Leaks (i.e. faucet, showerhead, sink, etc.)
• Moderate Leaks that Can Be Stopped with Main Water Shutoff Valve (i.e. water heater, water softener, cabinet pipes, etc.)
• Broken Plumbing Fixture
• Etc.

When determining whether or not a plumbing issue is an emergency, ask yourself these questions:

Can it Wait?

Think about the seriousness of the issue and if leaving it alone until morning or the next business day will cause more damage. If you can mitigate the issue, like catching dripping water in a bucket, you probably don’t need emergency service. On the other hand, if it is something that needs to be functioning at all times, like if you only have one toilet, it could be an emergency.

Will Turning Off the Main Water Valve Help?

As mentioned, some plumbing leaks can be managed on your own through the night without calling for emergency service. A leak can be managed through the night by turning off the specific and main water valves; and then calling for plumbing service the next day. On the other hand, larger water leaks, like burst pipes, need emergency repair.

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Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

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