Top Two Causes for a Leaking Garbage Disposal

When you discover that your garbage disposal unit is leaking, your first priority should be to mitigate the water damage. From there, you must determine the underlying cause before you can move forward with a repair. Fortunately, most garbage disposal leaks are caused by minor issues that can be easily repaired; sometimes on your own!

Continue reading to learn the top two causes for garbage disposal leaks, as well as, what you can do to repair them.

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Garbage Disposal Maintenance

It is important to stay on top of routine maintenance when it comes to your home’s plumbing systems. After all, it is one of the most vital systems in a household. But typically, the garbage disposal is overlooked. On a routine basis, you should clean out the disposal to eliminate food and solid residues, sanitize it to eliminate bacteria and other contaminants, and most importantly, have it inspected and serviced by a licensed plumber when it starts to show signs of problems.

Garbage Disposal Leaks

There are many reasons why a garbage disposal might leak; however, the top two causes for garbage disposal leaks are a defective gasket or a defective flange. Take a look below to learn more about each, including how to fix them.

Leaky Gasket

When a rubber gasket gets old, or goes unused for a long period of time, it can dry up and develop a crack, which in turn leads to a leak in the gasket. It can also be caused by improper installation. But how do you know this is your problem? If the leak is coming from the top rim where the seal mounts to the flange, it could be caused by a leaky gasket.

To repair a leaking gasket, you will need to replace it with a new one. Visit your local home improvement store to purchase replacement garbage disposal gaskets. They are inexpensive, but just be sure to get the right kind. There are some garbage disposal units that require a special type of gasket. If in doubt, refer to your owners’ manual.

Leaky Flange

Another common cause for a leaking garbage disposal is a defective flange. A disposal flange can develop a leak if the plumbers’ putty dries up, or if the bolts that connect the flange to the sink comes loose. How do you know if this is your problem? If the leak is coming from the very upper portion of the unit, it could be a flange leak.

To repair a leaking flange, there are a few options depending on the cause of the leak. The unit may just need to be re-tightened from underneath the sink, or the flange itself will need to be replaced. In other causes, the unit might need to be removed so that the plumbers’ putty can be reapplied, or so the flange can be released and the garbage disposal can be rehung.

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