Why is My Faucet Water Cloudy Then Clear?

Do you have a weird sink faucet that emits cloudy water, then in a matter of moments, mysteriously clears up? If so, you are probably scratching your head trying to figure out why. Perhaps you are concerned that there is something seriously wrong with your home’s plumbing. Fortunately, you don’t have to be concerned. The culprit behind your cloudy water is not as ominous as you think.

Continue reading to learn why your hot water is coming out cloudy and mysteriously clearing up seconds later.

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Cloudy Water Causes

If only one or two faucets are emitting cloudy water that clears within a few seconds, you are likely dealing with a air bubble issue. Fortunately, this really isn’t even an issue! You see, some plumbing pipes are under more pressure, and as a result, the water within them are more pressurized. So, when water from a faucet under these particular conditions is poured into a glass with less pressure, it will form an excess amount of air bubbles! Cool science; huh? Do you notice that your cloudy water is also fizzing? This is the sound of thousands of tiny air bubbles bursting in the cup.

This type of cloudy water is referred to as white water, and commonly occurs when it’s cold outside. This is a result of air solubility in water, which can increase as water pressure increases, and/or water temperature decreases. White water is also caused by water pressure within pipes. Water under pressure holds more air, and when released, it comes out as bubbles. But not to worry, this issue is perfectly harmless and should clear up significantly by spring.

The Bad Kind of Cloudy Water

There is another type of cloudy water that homeowners can experience that is not a result of air bubbles, but rather, something more undesirable. You know your cloudy water is an issue if the water does not clear up and become translucent after a few minutes. This could be caused by contaminants in your tap water, such as hard mineral ions, bacteria, yeast, or even chemicals. See our blog, “FAQS About Water Softeners and Hard Water” to learn how to treat and prevent this issue.

Pay Attention to Your Water Quality

Although the ban has since been lifted, and your county may not have been affected at all, you may still be concerned about the quality and performance of your home’s water. It is important to pay attention to your water quality, and to take the proper steps to ensure it remains contaminant-free. Contact a local soft water professional to learn your options.

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