Facts About Residential Trenchless Water Line Repair

These days, everyone is looking for a solution to do things faster and more efficient. When it comes to trenchless pipe repair, our master plumbing experts have it covered.

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Residential Water Lines

Most underground pipeline in older neighborhoods was constructed in the 1940’s and 1950’s. They were built to only last around fifty years, which means many of them today are in need of maintenance, repair, or replacement. To carry out this task, it would mean obstructing numerous busy roads, highways, neighborhoods, and more with digging, demolition, and drilling.

Since this is never a desirable option, an alternative was developed in its place. Engineers have designed a system to repair these pipes without excavating the land all around us called water pipe lining, which is a trenchless solution to underground pipe repair and maintenance. Continue reading to learn more.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

This new innovative solution to underground pipe repair works in a very special way. The process prevents the deterioration of the inner lining of the pipes from natural corrosion. It does require minimal digging, but only at two points: the start and the end. Furthermore, only a small area is required to be excavated, and hardly interferes with the surrounding environment.

A small remote controlled mechanism or machine is dropped in the hole at the start and it pulls a water proof polyethylene lining behind it. This creates a brand new pipe within the existing pipe, adding years of durability and use. This entire process reduces city expenses and time spent on repairing underground pipe line in residential neighborhoods all across the country. It is an eco-friendly solution that is advantageous for both home owners and city dwellers, as well as, cost effective and fast.

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