4 Causes of a Slow Flushing Toilet

Is your toilet taking too long to flush? Does the water take too long to fill back up in the bowl? Continue reading to learn the top 4 reasons why you might have a toilet that flushes slowly, and how to fix the problem within budget.

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What is Your Toilet Flush So Slowly?

Lack of Tank Water

When there is not enough water in the toilet tank, it can cause weak flushing. When you flush your toilet, the water from the tank is being released into the toilet bowl. So, when there is an insufficient level of water in the tank, it decreases the force of the downward suction of the flush, and therefore affects the rate at which the water enters and clears. The most common reasons why you might be dealing with a lack of tank water include low water pressure, malfunctioning trip assembly, incorrectly adjusted fill valves, and similar internal component issues.

Defective Flapper Valve

Another reason why you might have a slowly flushing toilet could be due to a damaged or defective flapper valve. A flapper valve is that little rubber stopper at the bottom of your toilet tank. It opens and closes as you flush the toilet, releasing water into the bowl, and then stopping the release of water. If the valve becomes damaged, worn, or defective, it loses its ability to properly close off the opening between the tank and the toilet bowl. If you have a “running toilet” problem, it is likely caused by a worn or broken flapper valve. Fortunately, this is an inexpensive and easy part to replace.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can cause all sorts of problems within a home’s plumbing, including the toilet. If your drains are clogged, it can cause toilet flushing to slow down because the obstruction is slowing down the movement of water through your plumbing system. To prevent this, it is important to enlist a local Indianapolis plumber for annual home plumbing inspections and drain clearing services. You can also make your own homemade drain dissolving cleaner for under $10!

Sediment Accumulation

A more serious underlying culprit behind a slow flushing toilet is sediment accumulation around the jet holes. Jet holes are located under the rim of the toilet, and therefore commonly overlooked when it comes to routine cleaning. For this reason, mineral and sediment buildup are very common around these areas. When jet holes are obstructed by mineral accumulation, it can block the water flow coming through your toilet, therefore slowing down the flush. If this is your toilet issue, simply roll up your sleeves and give those jet holes a good scrubbing with distilled white vinegar and baking soda.

Are you looking for a skilled plumber who can help you with your toilet repair and replacement needs? Contact Weilhammer Plumbing Company at 317-784-1870 for professional plumbing services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve residential and commercial clients and offer free advice.

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Indianapolis Indiana Master Plumbers 317-784-1870
Indianapolis Indiana Master Plumbers 317-784-1870

How to Tighten Up a Toilet Lever That is Loose

Toilet levers, or handles, are used several times a day; so, it is no surprise that they begin to loosen overtime. Although not a serious repair, it is important to remedy a loose toilet lever because it can affect toilet performance and efficiency. Not only is a toilet with poor flushing performance unpleasant and unsanitary, but its inefficiency can also increase monthly water bills. Fortunately, this is generally an easy fix, and one that you can accomplish all on your own with a few simple adjustments.

Continue reading to review a step-by-step guide on tightening a loose toilet tank lever.

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Indianapolis Bathroom Plumbing Service 317-784-1870

How to Fix a Loose Toilet Handle:

What You Will Need

To tighten up a loose toilet tank handle, you won’t require very many tools or supplies. That is because it is not a very invasive repair. Most likely, you will already have the tools necessary to get the job done. This saves you time by avoiding a trip to the local home improvement store. All you need is your own two hands and an adjustable wrench.

How to Do It:

✅ Start by locating the water shut-off valve for the toilet. The supply pipe and handle should be behind the tank. Turn off the water supply to the toilet by rotating the shut-off valve handle clockwise.

✅ Once the shutoff valve is closed, remove the toilet tank lid. Grab both sides and lift upwards. It should not be sealed or connected to the toilet. Place it down slowly on a flat, stable surface so you do not crack or break it.

✅ You will now need to empty the tank of water. Do this by simply flushing the toilet with the handle. It is easier to adjust a loose toilet lever without water in the tank.

✅ Now look for the metal nut that secures the toilet lever to the inside of the tank. This is the nut that has come loose. Standard screws and other threaded hardware are forward threaded, but toilet lever nuts and screws are reverse-threaded with a plastic washer. This helps to prevent loosening overtime.

✅ Use your adjustable wrench to tighten the nut. Do this by grasping the nut with your wrench and turning it clockwise. Continue turning the nut until you begin to feel resistance. Once you feel this resistance, make only a couple more turns until it is difficult to turn any more. Be careful to not overdo it and accidentally crack the tank.

✅ Next, test the lever’s tightness and performance by pressing it as if you were flushing the toilet. If it does not compress well, it is too tight, and you will need to loosen it by one or two rotations. Loosen counterclockwise with your wrench.

✅ Finish by turning your water supply to the toilet back on!

Still having problems with your toilet or bathroom plumbing? Contact Weilhammer Plumbing Company at 317-784-1870 for Indianapolis Indiana plumbing services at an affordable price. We provide residential and commercial plumbing service and repair.

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Indianapolis Indiana Master Plumbers 317-784-1870
Indianapolis Indiana Master Plumbers 317-784-1870

What Happens if You Throw a Firework in the Toilet?

Toilet Replacement 317-784-1870

Toilet Replacement 317-784-1870

There is a new, reckless trend with fireworks and plumbing. For some reason, people want to know what happens when you put a lit firework, like a firecracker, in the toilet. Well, if you are curious too, don’t try it yourself to find out!


The outcome is no secret. Placing a lit firework in the toilet will break it, guaranteed. And if it doesn’t crack the porcelain bowl entirely in half (which is what normally occurs), it will damage the internal trap and fail to hold in the water.

If you already experimented with a firecracker in the toilet, or had a curious member of the family attempt it, you will need to learn what to do. In short, you will need immediate toilet replacement!

Toilet Replacement

In most cases of a firecracker in the toilet, you will only need to replace the toilet. Out-of-pocket expenses will include the purchase of the toilet itself and the plumbing service labor costs for installation. Typically, the average cost of a standard residential toilet ranges between $100 and $300, depending on the brand, retailer, and personal preferences for certain features.

The cost of installation varies among plumbing companies, and depends on several factors, including the complexity of the job and the amount of time it takes to complete. Most companies charge a service fee and then charge by the hour. Expect to pay anywhere between $200 and $300 for standard toilet replacement.

Who to Choose for Toilet Replacement Service

You will need to contact a local plumbing professional for toilet removal and installation service. Be sure they are licensed plumbers who provide haul away service for your broken toilet. Otherwise, you must find a way to dispose of the dirty porcelain yourself! Many plumbing companies will offer this service free of charge, while others will require a small disposal fee.

Indianapolis Toilet Replacement and Repair

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Call Weilhammer Plumbing Co. Inc. at 317-784-1870 when you need a licensed Indianapolis plumber for toilet service, repair, and replacement. Owner and master plumber, Mark Weilhammer, has more than 60 years of experience in the plumbing industry. We offer free estimates and free haul away service!

Environmentally-Friendly Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing Fixture Installation 317-784-1870

Plumbing Fixture Installation 317-784-1870

For those of you who are eco-conscious home owners, there are several things you can do to make your home more energy efficient.

One area of your home that can benefit from eco-friendly changes is your water consumption. By simply changing out a few plumbing fixtures, you can make your home more water conservative and environmentally-friendly!

Continue reading to learn which plumbing fixtures can provide these eco-friendly benefits, and who to call for professional plumbing fixture installation.

✤ Water Efficient Shower Heads

Taking a shower can be one of the most relaxing and indulgent parts of your day. So when it comes to conserving water in the shower, many people find it to be a challenge since longer showers are tempting, especially after a long, hard day. Fortunately, there are high efficiency shower heads on the market that are available at any local home improvement or department store. Prices vary depending on brand and quality, but you can find a quality water-efficient shower head for as low as $14.99!

Recommended: Niagara Conservation Sava Spa Shower Head, Home Depot® – $14.99

✤ Water Efficient Faucets

Just like shower heads, you can find faucets that are also efficient. Switch out your kitchen, bathroom, bar, and even outdoor faucets with water-efficient models. These faucets use a maximum of 1.5 gallons of water per minute, so they use 30% less water than standard faucets without sacrificing performance or function. Look for one at your local home improvement or department store, or online through a trusted vendor. Prices range according to brand, retailer, and quality; but you can find efficient models for as low as $5, and as high as a few hundred dollars.

Recommended: American Standard Colony Centerset Bathroom Faucet, Home Depot® – $43.52

✤ High Efficiency Toilets

One area commonly overlooked in terms of water conservation is the toilet. The old-fashioned rule of thumb, “if it’s brown, flush it down; if it’s yellow it’s mellow”, works well for some, but there is more you can do to conserve the amount of water used from the toilet on a daily basis. Installing a high-efficiency model is a great option, and will still fit the budget. You can choose between a low-flush toilet or a dual-flush toilet, both of which are high on the efficiency level. Low-flush toilets use around 1.5 gallons of water per flush, while dual-action toilets give you the option of flushing solids or liquids.

Recommended: TOTO Drake Elongated 1.6 GPF Dual-Flush Toilet, Lowes® – $229.41

Indianapolis Plumbing Installation

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Call Weilhammer Plumbing Company at 317-784-1870 when you need a licensed Indianapolis plumber for toilet service, repair, and replacement. Owner and master plumber, Mark Weilhammer, has more than 60 years of experience in the plumbing industry, so you can feel confident that you are getting skilled and knowledgeable plumbing service you can trust. We offer residential and commercial plumbing repair and service at the most competitive prices in town, so call today to request a free estimate!

A Quick Guide to Draining a Toilet

Toilet Repair Plumber 317-784-1870

Toilet Repair Plumber 317-784-1870

In the case that a toilet must be removed, whether for replacement or repair, there is a good chance that it will need to be drained first. Although draining a toilet may sound like an easy and straight-forward project, without the right knowledge, you can quickly have a disaster on your hands. Furthermore, you could potentially injure yourself or damage your plumbing. For these reasons, it is recommended to use a licensed plumber for all your toilet repairs and maintenance needs. They have the proper knowledge, tools, and resources to provide professional service you can trust.

However, if you are committed to your DIY toilet project, continue reading to learn a few effective methods for draining a toilet properly. And in the case that you change your mind, you’ll find information on who to call for prompt service at an affordable price!

Materials You May Need:

Siphoning Hose
Cup or Bowl
Large Sponge
Wet/Dry Vacuum

You may use one or a combination of the above-mentioned materials. Together, they can all effectively drain water from a toilet bowl. Just be sure to wear rubber gloves for protection!

Choose the Method that Works for You:

Method 1 – Plunge the Water

You can use a plunger in the standard up-and-down motion to relieve a toilet bowl of its water. The plunging motion pushes the water back down into the pipe, and within 2 to 3 tries, your toilet bowl should be empty.

Method 2 – Siphon the Water

Although a bit technical, siphoning the water is another effective method to draining a toilet. Visit your local home improvement store to purchase a siphoning hose, or simply cut an old hose down to size. Put the other end of the hose in the bathtub to drain. If the tub is too far, use a large bucket.

Method 3 – Scoop the Water

Although not a first-choice, you can choose to scoop the water out of the toilet basin with a small cup or bowl. Dump the eliminated water into the tub or a large bucket. Once you get to the very last bit of water, use a smaller container to remove it, such as a toothpaste cap.

Method 4 – Sponge the Water

You can, if you choose, use a large, absorbent sponge to remove the water from the toilet. This does take more time, but it can be equally effective as all the other methods. Simply dip the sponge, absorb all the water it will take, and then ring it out in the bathtub or large bucket. Repeat until you are done!

Method 5 – Vacuum the Water

The quickest and most effective method for draining a toilet is to use a wet/dry vacuum to suck all the water out. Just be sure you know how to utilize a wet/dry vacuum properly, and don’t purchase one just for the job unless you are sure you will use it again in the future. They are not cheap appliances!

Indianapolis Toilet Repair and Replacement

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Call Weilhammer Plumbing Company at 317-784-1870 for all your Indianapolis toilet repair and replacement needs. Owner Mark Weilhammer provides residential and commercial plumbing service, as well as, master plumber services. He is a state-licensed master plumber who can deliver safe and effective plumbing repair at an affordable price. Call 317-784-1870 to request a free estimate, today.