What You Need to Know About Your Sump Pump

Whether you have moved into a new house that is equipped with a sump pump, or you are considering replacing the current one in your home, it is important to have the right knowledge in order to prevent costly breakdowns, inconvenient problems, and common user errors, down the line. Continue reading to learn what you need to know about your sump pump.

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Testing Your Sump Pump

When it comes to your sump pump, the most important factor is function. You must periodically check on your unit to ensure it is still working properly. To test your sump pump’s operation, all you have to do is fill up a 3 to 5 gallon bucket with water and pour it into your sump pit. As the pit fills up with water, the float trigger should activate. Then, the water should drain from the pit and the pump should turn off. If this all happens, your sump pump is still operational. If the trigger activates but the water does not drain, or the pump does not shut off, you need to have your sump pump professionally inspected and serviced by a licensed plumber.

Replacing a Sump Pump

Sump pumps are designed to last around 10 years, but their lifespan can vary depending on several factors, such as regular maintenance, number of occupants, annual precipitation, brand or manufacturer, and more. Additionally, the cost of a sump pump averages around $1,000, more or less, depending on the make, model, and retailer you choose. For this reason, it is important to provide sufficient maintenance and care on a regular basis to avoid breakdowns and premature replacements.

Sump Pump Repairs

If your sump pump is experiencing some minor issues, have them addressed right away, before the problem can grow into something worse, and therefore, more expensive. The general rule of thumb is to have your unit inspected professional once every year, regardless of its performance. Failed sump pumps lead to costly basement flooding and property damages, meaning it is much cheaper to replace or repair a sump pump rather than pay for basement and foundation renovations.  See our blog, “Top 7 Reasons Why Sump Pumps Break” to learn what signs to look for in a failing sump pump.

Indianapolis Sump Pump Services

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