What is a Hybrid Water Heater?

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When looking to buy a new water heater for your home or office, it is vital to consider your hot water needs, as well as, other influential aspects, in order to choose the right one. Aspects like a property’s square-footage, the number of occupants, the local water table levels, eco-friendly agendas, and more all influence the type of water heater that’s right for you. There are several make and model hot water heaters on the market, from the traditional gas and electric, to the more modern tankless and portable styles. But many consumers are starting to hear about a new type of water heater that combines both tank and tankless styles. These water heaters are called hybrids.

Continue reading to learn more about hybrid hot water heaters and whether they are right for your home or office.

Hybrid Water Heaters

Hybrid water heaters are applauded for their energy-saving benefits. On average, twenty percent of a home’s energy usage is from heating water. This number can be dramatically reduced with the installation of a hybrid water heater. Not only does this help the environment, it saves money on monthly utility bills too. There are other styles of water heaters that are also very energy-efficient, so talk to your local plumbing contractor about those options too. But as for hybrid water heaters, they are highly beneficial for more than just energy-efficiency.

How They Work

Tankless and tank-style water heaters heat water from the bottom of the tank. Tank-styles heat water from the bottom of the tank, making air to rise up and exit from the top, allowing some heat to escape. Tankless water heaters also heat from the bottom but the water travels through copper piping rather than stored in a tank. In a hybrid system, it uses both pipes and a tank to heat and store water. Rather than just copper piping, like tankless styles, a hybrid water heater uses several pipes, up to 40 or more, that heat up. When water flows through them, it heats up fast. Unused heated water is transferred to a reservoir inside a hybrid water heater, and stored for future demand.

There are only a few models of hybrid water heaters on the market, such as the Eternal Hybrid Water Heater or the GE Hybrid Water Heater. The GE version has technology that absorbs heat from the surrounding air to warm water, while other versions involve other technologies like super capacitors, batteries, fuel cells, and more. Hybrids are more expensive than traditional models, costing anywhere between $2,000 and $3,000 or more, depending on the retailer.

Again, talk to your local master plumber for details about choosing the right type of water heater for your home and the installation and maintenance process.

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Learning About Sediment Buildup in Water Heaters

Water Heater Repair and Service

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Sediment refers to the small and often times, microscopic, particles that precipitate out of water at high temperatures. Sand, dirt, calcium carbonate, mineral ions, and any other solid debris commonly makes up the sediment found at the bottom of hot water heater tanks. Sediment buildup in hot water heaters generally depends on what kind of water you have. In some areas, there is virtually no sediment; while other areas contain water with high levels of sediment.

Regular flushing of your hot water heater helps prevent sediment build up. The heating of water in your water heater causes calcium carbonate to precipitate out and settle to the bottom of the tank. Steam bubbles form under the sediment when the burners come on, causing popping and other similar noises as the bubbles escape from under the sediment.

Why Is Your Water Heater Not Producing Enough Hot Water? It Might Be…

• A Broken Dip Tube
• Incorrect Temperature Setting
• Faulty Thermostat
• Sediment Buildup
• Faulty Electric Components
• Burned Out Heating Elements

What is a Dip Tube?

The dip tube is a long slender tube that fits down into the water heater inlet, and usually has a small hole about 6 inches from the top. The dip tube directs the incoming cold liquid down to the bottom of the tank. If the dip tube is broken, the incoming cold liquid can mix with the outgoing hot liquid and cause it to seem as though you are running out of hot water.

Do You Have a Noisy Tank?

Noise coming from gas water heater models are often times caused by the sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank. Steam bubbles form under the sediment; and when the bubbles begin to escape from under the sediment, it causes thumping and popping noises. On the other hand, sizzling noises can be caused by condensation dripping onto the hot burner; like falling water drops on a hot griddle.

Thermal Expansion

When water is heated, it expands. If an inlet is not blocked by a check valve, pressure reducing valve, or other device, the increase in water volume simply travels back into the source. If the inlet is blocked, this increase in volume will cause an increase in pressure; and sometimes to dangerous levels. The T&PR (Temperature & Pressure Release) valve relieves this pressure by discharging a small amount of liquid.

A thermal expansion tank can be installed in the line that will absorb the increase in volume, thus preventing the T&PR valve from discharging unnecessarily. T&P valves are strictly an emergency measure and should be replaced every 2 years. At 180 degrees, the temperature at which the T&P valve opens, damage can occur to your system and you may have voided the warranty on your water heater. The improper installation of backflow preventers can block the thermal expansion leading to operation of the T&P Valve.

What is Water Hammer?

When water travels through the pipes, it creates kinetic energy or energy of motion. When a valve abruptly shuts off, a shock wave results. Water hammer most often occurs when a valve shuts off suddenly. Commercial arrestors are available to combat this problem. They have a small air bladder within a cylinder plumbed to the piping system that is located near the problematic valve. Select hardware stores carry them. Also, when pipes appear to droop, adding a support system can solve the problem.

Is the Water a Milky Color?

Water contains dissolved oxygen, as well as, several other gases. When water is heated, it loses most of its ability to maintain these gases. So when the water pressure is lowered as the liquid comes out of the tap, these gasses can form tiny bubbles; which gives the liquid a milky appearance. Allowing the water to stand for a few minutes will permit these bubbles to rise out of the liquid; successively eliminating the milky-ness and restoring a clearer appearance. If you live in an earthquake-prone area, be sure to strap the tank to the wall in order to prevent damage and possible injury.

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Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

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Water Heaters: Buyers Beware

Indianapolis Plumbing Repair 317-784-1870

Indianapolis Plumbing Repair 317-784-1870

When it comes to shopping for FVIR gas water heaters, there is much “need to know” information before making a final decision to purchase one. When asking Master Plumber, Mark Weilhammer, you can trust that you are receiving professional and accurate industry advice regarding all water heaters and more. With his many years of experience and expert knowledge of plumbing, Mark warns all potential water heater buyers about the troubles and complications associated with FVIR gas water heaters. Continue reading and learn what Mark Weilhammer, Master Plumber and Owner of Weilhammer Plumbing Company, has to say about them!

WARNING! Did You Know…

1. Many brands of FVIR gas water heaters contain a lint filter that, if not taken apart and cleaned four times a year, the entire appliance’s warranty is void!

2. Several brands of FVIR gas water heaters have CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS pending against them, as well as, more than 1500 customer complaints! Want to know which brands?

3. If installing a FVIR gas water heater, be sure to install it in a CATCH PAN.

4. For properties with high water pressure and a closed-looped system, it is highly encouraged to install a T&P valve or THERMAL EXPANSION TANK & PRESSURE REDUCING VALVE (Average Cost: $475). This is OPTIONAL and can be passed on at the time of your installation.

5. A T&P valve can burst open due to high water pressure or thermal expansions, creating extensive flooding issues. If this happens to you, our Master Plumbers can redirect this open pipe to a nearby drain for free, if one is available.

6. BEWARE OF THE BAD WARRANTY! Many brands of hot water heaters offer poor labor warranties, so customers end up paying for replacement parts and repairs after just one year of ownership.

7. Thinking about buying a hot water heater at HOME DEPOT? Perhaps you should think again. Read negative customer reviews for Home Depot water heaters right now!

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8. WHIRLPOOL WATER HEATERS are gaining a BAD REPUTATION. Check out this article published by Consumer Affairs, Online:


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9. Might want to do more research on KENMORE WATER HEATERS before deciding to buy a new as well. Check out more customer reviews on My Three Cents.com:


10. If a hot water heater has a label on it that says, “Do Not Call the Hardware Store About Problems, Call 1-800-555-5555 for Help” It is basically saying you are hung out to dry on day one of owning your new water heater. And when calling, you will most likely be transferred to an overseas department that can be even more frustrating and confusing to deal with on top of a wasting money on a new but defective water heater.

11. Many times, in-house or contracted company installers are not licensed and insured plumbers; a critical prerequisite for water heater installation. So who’s really coming to your house trying to service and install your brand new expensive appliances?

Information Provided By Mark Weilhammer, Master Plumber and Owner of Weilhammer Plumbing Company in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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