Is a Portable Water Softener a Good Choice?

Hard water is an issue that no one wants to live with, which is why water softeners are such prevalent and popular purchases among consumers. But what if you do not own your house or apartment? It’s not likely that you would want to spend a few thousand dollars on a water softener for a place you don’t even own. And you can’t just ask your landlord to buy and install a water softener because they are probably not willing to shell out the thousands of dollars needed for one. Unless you have an extremely understanding and generous landlord that wishes to increase their property value with a new water softener, you are probably going to need to figure out another way to get softer water for yourself. One way is through portable water softener services.

What if you own an RV or motor coach that comes equipped with interior plumbing amenities? Wouldn’t you want your showers and dish water to be softened? Perhaps are you an avid camper? If so, a portable water softener might be the best fit for your water softening needs.

Continue reading to learn more about portable water softeners, including what they are and how their services work.

Indianapolis Water Softener Company 317-784-1870
Indianapolis Water Softener Company 317-784-1870

Facts About Portable Water Conditioners

A water softener company may provide portable water conditioning services through the use of a portable water softener tank. It works by outsourcing the service and paying an assigned fee on a monthly or weekly basis. A professional water softener technician actually delivers a soft water exchange tank to your home or apartment and installs it for you.

Depending on the number of occupants in your home, you will set up a schedule to have the technician come back and switch out the old tank for a new one. This can be done on a weekly basis, a bi-weekly basis, or a monthly basis. And there are set rates for each.

After the technician picks up the old soft water exchange tank, it is returned to the company and regenerated for the next delivery. It is an affordable and Eco-friendly way to soften your water! These tanks don’t require any drainage or electricity, making them an easy and hassle-free addition to any rented home or residence.

Additional Types of Water Softening Options

Salt-Free Water Softeners – Salt-free water softeners operate using a catalytic nanotechnology media filter, in a process called Template Assisted Crystallization, or TAC. This process first de-scales, eliminating any existing buildup; and then implements future scale protection by further removing mineral ions from the water supply. This process is not “true” water softening, but water conditioning instead.

Ion Exchange Water Softeners (Salt-Based) – These water softeners use ion exchange technology to eliminate iron, magnesium, and calcium ions in hard water. They simply replace “hard” ions, with “non-hard” ions. This conditions and softens a property’s water supply without the use of chemicals.

Electromagnetic or Magnetic Water Softeners – Electromagnetic water softeners are often times, reviewed poorly. They are intended to “blend-in” carbonate salts in the water to reduce the formation of harmful deposits and residues. This process is supposed to subsequently reduce the number of mineral ions as well. Although these units are inexpensive and easy to install, they are not proven to be as effectual as a salt or salt-free model.

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