The Average Lifespan of Common Plumbing Pipe Materials

At some point along the way of owning a house or building, you will have you ask yourself a very important question, which is “Do I need to replace the plumbing?” Regardless of a property’s intended use, the plumbing is a critical factor in the overall comfort, safety, performance, and value. But after some time, it does expire. Like most man-made materials, plumbing pipes are made from metals and polymers that come with a certain life expectancy.

If you want to know whether or not you need to replace your plumbing, it helps to learn the average lifespan of your plumbing pipes. Continue reading to get started now.

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Types of Plumbing Pipes

Whether commercial or residential, a failing plumbing system is a huge liability. Not only does it pose a long list of structural damages and costly repairs, it can also cause several health and safety risks. If your plumbing is old, it is in the best interest of your investment, as well as the safety of everyone around, to replace the plumbing when it has reached the end of its life cycle.

In order to determine when you need to replace your plumbing, you need to know which kind of piping material your property is fitted with. Lifespans of plumbing pipes can range from a few years to 100 years, depending on the material. The most common residential and commercial plumbing pipe materials include brass, cast iron, copper, galvanized steel, and PVC.

Here are the expected average lifespan of these plumbing pipe materials:

Brass40 to 45 Years
Cast Iron75 to 100 Years
Copper50 Years or More
Galvanized Steel20 to 50 Years
PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)Indefinite

Plumbing Fixtures and More

In addition to thinking about piping material lifespan when deciding when the right time is to replace your plumbing, you must also consider various other areas that connect your plumbing to your fixtures, such as pipe joints, fittings, and mechanical components. These areas can also affect how soon you need to replace or repair your plumbing systems. Furthermore, if you notice an increase in plumbing leaks, cracks, and corrosion, you can assume it is time for some replacements.

Professional Plumbing Service and Repair

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Call Weilhammer Plumbing Co. Inc. at 317-784-1870 for professional plumbing service and repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner and Master plumber, Mark Weilhammer, is happy to give you free plumbing advice. Our highly trained and licensed plumbers provide a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services; and as a family owned and operated company since 1901, you can trust us to deliver outstanding workmanship and customer support. Request a free estimate, today.

How to Make Eco-Friendly Toilet Bowl Cleaner at Home

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Toilet Repair Plumber 317-784-1870

For all you homeowners looking for new ways to “go green”, learning to make your own eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaner is a great addition to your efforts. With a few natural ingredients, you can concoct your very own chemical-free toilet bowl cleaner that’s safe for you and the environment! Most store-bought cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can be damaging to your health as well as your home’s plumbing and vital appliances (i.e. water heater, water softener, etc.). Homemade toilet bowl cleaner is a fantastic alternative to harmful, over-the-counter products; not only because it is much safer, but also because it’s equally-effective at cleaning.

Continue reading to learn a useful recipe for homemade, eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaner, and feel good about protecting yourself, your loved ones, and the environment!

What You Need

🚽 Large Glass Bowl
🚽 Glass Storage Jar
🚽 Wooden Spoon
🚽 Toilet Brush
🚽 Baking Soda
🚽 20% White Vinegar


Disinfecting Essential Oil of Your Choice:

Tea Tree

Mixing Instructions

1 Using your wooden spoon, combine 2 cups of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of essential oil into a large glass bowl. You must use a glass bowl and wooden spoon because essential oils can corrode metal and plastic.

2 Continue to mix the baking soda and oil together until the majority of clumps are gone. Then transfer the powder into a glass storage jar with a tightly-sealed lid. This will give you nearly 30 uses!

Cleaning Instructions

Scoop 1 tablespoon of powder from your jar and pour it into the toilet bowl. Use an additional scoop for the walls.

Use your toilet brush to spread (not scrub!) the powder/oil mix around on the walls and basin.

Pour a ½ cup of 20% white vinegar into the bowl. It should start to fizz on contact. If you cannot find 30% vinegar, you can use 5% distilled white vinegar instead, but increase the amount to 2 cups.

If no fizzing occurred, you’ll need to use some more scoops of cleaner. Once the fizzing goes down, use your toilet brush to scrub the toilet clean.

Allow the mixture to settle for 10 to 15 minutes before flushing it down.

Indianapolis Plumbing Service and Repair

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Call Weilhammer Plumbing Company at 317-784-1870 for prompt and professional toilet repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner and master plumber, Mark Weilhammer, and his team of licensed plumbers, are eager to help you get your plumbing back on track and at a price that’s fair. We offer free estimates, free plumbing advice, and free haul-away services for old or broken plumbing appliances. Call 317-784-1870 to request a free estimate for Indianapolis plumbing service and repair, today.

Recommended Zoeller Sump Pumps

Zoeller Sump Pumps 317-784-1870

Zoeller Sump Pumps 317-784-1870

Sump pumps are a vital component for every home, and offer a wide range of benefits. Not only do they protect your valuable assets from flooding waters, they reduce water pressure strain on your home’s foundation. Overall, sump pumps protect you from an endless list of possible disasters and subsequent repairs. One of the highest-rated sump pump brands available in the United States is Zoeller. Zoeller sump pumps are well-established, and have proven to be a dependable and economical choice for residential sump pump systems. They manufacture all of their products nationally, using the highest standards of excellence for materials and technology. You can trust a Zoeller sump pump system to protect you for years to come. Below you will find four top-rated and recommended Zoeller sump pumps on the market today.

Zoeller 53-0001 M53 Mighty-Mate – $135.00

• Automatic Submersible Pump
• Flow Rate of 43 Gallons per Minute (5 ft. of head)
• 1/3 Horse Power
• 115 Volt
• Cast-Iron
• Corrosion-Resistant
• 3 Year Warranty

Zoeller 98-0001 M98 Mighty-Mate – $190.00

• Automatic Submersible Pump
• Flow Rate of 72 Gallons per Minute (5 ft. of head)
• 1/2 Horse Power
• 115 Volt
• Cast-Iron
• Corrosion-Resistant
• 3 Year Warranty

Zoeller 137-0010 M137 Sump Pump- $445.00

• Submersible Pump
• Flow Rate of 48 Gallons per Minute (5 ft. of head)
• 1/2 Horse Power
• 115 Volt
• Cast-Iron
• Corrosion-Resistant
• 3 Year Warranty

Choosing the right sump pump for your home is easy to do when you have a trusted plumbing company on your side. Factors can include the size of your house, the number of occupants, annual rainfall, your average water consumption, and more. Consult an experienced master plumber for help deciding which residential sump pump system is right for you.

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Call Weilhammer Plumbing Co. Inc. at 317-784-1870 for sump pump installation and repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. Master plumber, Mark Weilhammer, is here to answer your sump pump repair questions in a language you can clearly understand. We don’t use confusing industry jargon, and instead, empower our clients with knowledge! We offer residential and commercial plumbing services, including sump pump repair and more. With more than 100 years as a family owned and operated business, you can trust you are getting the best in plumbing service and repair. Call 317-784-1870 to discuss Indianapolis sump pump repair services, today.

Manage Snow Buildup to Prevent Plumbing Problems

Indianapolis Plumbing Repair 317-784-1870

Indianapolis Plumbing Repair 317-784-1870

Winter is a fun and enjoyable time of year for people of all ages. We look forward to wintertime and snowfall because it brings with it the opportunity to enjoy several activities, like sledding, ice skating, ice fishing, and more. But it is important to not let the festivities of winter distract you from your home owner responsibilities! One of the most important systems in our homes is plumbing, and it is most vulnerable to damage in the winter.

One common problem that can lead to plumbing damage and repair is excessive snow accumulation. It is important to constantly manage the snowfall as it builds up around your home. This will not only prevent inconvenient plumbing problems, it will also save money on costly plumbing repairs. Continue reading to learn some possible plumbing problems that snow buildup can cause, and what to do if you find yourself in the same situation.

Sump Pump and Foundation

Your home’s foundation can be effected by large snow accumulation once the snow begins to melt. The excessive amounts of water will seep into the soil around the home’s foundation. This water can continue to seep into the basement and lower floors of the home. Needless to say, this can cause a lot of destruction. Personal belongings, clothing, and furniture can be destroyed by flooding, as well as, an extensive list of structural damages. Not only is this devastating for families, it is usually very stressful and costly to undo.

For this reason, in the case of large snow build up around your home, it is wise to check on your sump pump to ensure it is capable and ready to do its job. Start by inspecting the check valve to ensure that it is properly fitted. If you notice that the pump is running too frequently, it could be an indication of a bad check valve. It is important to have a bad check valve replaced because it prevents pumped water from returning back into the line. You can actually hear the pump running, so you’ll know if it’s running too often.

Gutters and Drains

Even though the temperatures are below pleasing, it is important to still keep up with outdoor winter maintenance if you want to prevent costly repairs and problems. Start by regularly keeping your gutters clear of dirt, debris, and snow. Also, be sure all exposed drains are clear of snow as well. This will prevent plumbing clogs and backups.

Plumbing Pipes

Many people think it is best to turn their heat down low, or entirely off, while they travel in the winter. This attempt to save money can actually be a start of a costly plumbing problem. When a home is too cold in freezing weather, the pipes can actually freeze. This leads to freeze/thaw cycles, and eventually, burst pipes. Not only is this an intrusive repair, it is a tedious and costly one as well. This can be prevented by keeping your house adequately warm when you are home and away. Keeping the thermostat set no lower than 65 degrees should provide the protection your plumbing needs against freezing.

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Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Call Weilhammer Plumbing Co. Inc. at 317-784-1870 for professional master plumber repair services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Master plumber, Mark Weilhammer, has more than 50 years of experience in the plumbing service and repair industry. He repairs, services, replaces, and installs all plumbing parts and systems, as well as, water heaters, water softeners, sump pumps, slab leaks, and more! Call 317-784-1870 for information about our affordable and prompt plumbing repair services in Indianapolis, IN today.

A Brief Look at a Home’s Plumbing System

Water Hammer Repair 317-784-1870

Water Hammer Repair 317-784-1870

Whether a property owner or renter, it is wise to have a basic understanding of your home’s plumbing system and set-up. This general plumbing knowledge and comprehension can better protect you from costly and messy plumbing issues and repairs later on. It can also better help you manage easy plumbing repairs on your own, like clogged toilets and leaky faucets. But most importantly, knowing how your home’s plumbing system works will allow you to prevent major plumbing problems in the future and give you more confidence when hiring a plumber.

Although plumbing repairs and services are generally very complex and technical, understanding a home’s plumbing system is actually not as complicated as you would think. You see, your home’s plumbing is divided into two separate sub-systems: one to bring fresh water in, and another to eliminate waste water outside.

Water Supply System

The fresh water supply system brings clean water in the house to use for washing, bathing, cooking, drinking, and laundry. Your home, like all others, have a water meter located on the outside of the house or building. It measures and records all the fresh water taken into the home. This is how the water utility company bills you for water consumption. The most important operation within this particular sub-system is water pressure. Without sufficient water pressure, the fresh water system cannot adequately pump clean water to all levels and areas of a home.

Generally next to the water meter, you will find your home’s emergency water shut-off valve. It is vitally important to know where this valve is located and how to operate it in the case of a burst pipe or indoor flood. It will start and stop all water flow to the house. Many home appliances, like toilets and water heaters, have their own water shut-off valves, and can be used instead of the home’s main shut-off valve in the case of overflows, leaks, and floods.

When fresh water is taken into the home, it is cold and ready to use. But if you are requesting warm or hot water, it must pass through your plumbing pipes, and then through the water heater, to be heated to the demanded temperature. Then it is sent through your home’s hot water lines to the specific area of request, such as a shower or kitchen sink. The water temperature for your home can be preset on your water heater. It is generally recommended to have it set anywhere between 120 and 140 degrees, a bit lower for homes with children. Anything higher can result in accidental scalds and burns.

Water Drainage System

The waste water drainage system is equally important as your home’s fresh water supply system. It eliminates all the water that is flushed or drained in the home. This includes toilets, showers, bathtubs, sinks, water softeners, and water heaters. Whether your residence operates on a septic system or sewer system, they basically provide the same service.

Unlike your home’s supply system, the drainage system does not rely on water pressure. Instead, it requires properly positioned drainage pipes, angled (pitched) in a downwards angle to release the waste water by means of natural gravity. These “pitched” drainage pipes lead to either a septic tank or farther into sewer lines and eventually to a sewer treatment facility.

If you are experiencing plumbing problems, contact a licensed and experienced plumber right away. It is important to stop a plumbing issue before it can turn costly and tedious. Avoid extreme plumbing repair bills and invasive renovations by calling a qualified plumber before it’s too late.

Weilhammer Plumbing Co. Inc.

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Call Weilhammer Plumbing Co. Inc. at 317-784-1870 for plumbing repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. Master plumber Mark Weilhammer is eager to help solve your plumbing problems at the fairest price in town. With more than 100 years in business, and more than 50 years of experienced, you can trust we know our stuff! We offer free estimates, free advice, and free haul-away service for both residential and commercial properties. Call 317-784-1870 for affordable and fast plumbing service and repair in Indianapolis, IN today.

Tips for Winter Plumbing Maintenance

Wintertime in Indiana can either be really mild, really harsh, or somewhere right in between. Basically, we never really know what to expect come winter season when you live in Indiana; but one thing is for sure, it’s going to be cold! Cold temperatures and precipitation can negatively affect your home’s plumbing system, so it is important to take some necessary precautions and stay informed on proper winter plumbing maintenance. Continue reading to review some winter plumbing tips, and be better prepared for whatever weather we will soon face.

Indianapolis Plumbing Repair 317-784-1870

Indianapolis Plumbing Repair 317-784-1870

Water leaks

Water leaks can create a long list of expensive and time-consuming problems. Be sure all pluming leaks are properly repaired and sealed before temperatures drop too low. When temperatures are at freezing, a plumbing leak can quickly turn into a huge, costly issue. So be sure to regularly inspect your exposed plumbing pipes (i.e. under sinks, outside, attic, crawl space, indoor appliances, etc.) throughout the winter time to avoid water leaks and frozen pipes. When you catch a leak early on, you can save yourself a substantial amount of time, money, and inconvenience.

Pipe Insulation

If you haven’t already, it is a good idea to insulate your plumbing pipes to prevent freezing, water leaks, and more. Simply wrap all exposed plumbing pipes with plumbing insulation foam. This is not only inexpensive, it is easy to install and easily removable. They also enhance energy-efficiency and prevent air leakages. Be sure your pipes insulation is well-kept during the winter time, and replace as needed to maintain proper insulation.

Swamp Cooler

If you have a swamp cooler, also called evaporative cooler, it needs to be drained before the harshest part of winter arrives. You must turn off all power and water to the unit before draining it. The water supply line should be drained as well. It is also a good idea to change the pads and filters within the cooler at this time as well.

Pump House

If your water supply comes from a well, it is important to take certain precaution to prevent freezing well water issues. Do this by making sure your pump house is well-insulated and checking that your heating is working properly. Without sufficient heat, your pump house can freeze up even if it’s insulated.

Hose Bibs

Everyone hates to forget to unscrew their garden hoses before the temperatures hit below freezing. Freezing water trapped inside a hose bib can result in hose and faucet damages. Prevent these frustrating circumstances by getting a head start before the snow, and removing all hoses from outdoor faucets before temperatures drop too low. Then be sure to drain all your hoses entirely and store them in a dry, warm place to prevent them from becoming brittle.

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Call Weilhammer Plumbing Co. Inc. at 317-784-1870 for winter plumbing service and repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner and master plumber, Mark Weilhammer, is happy to help you prepare your home’s plumbing for plummeting temperature and harsh winter weather! We offer a wide range of plumbing service and repair at the most competitive prices in town. Whether commercial or residential, Weilhammer Plumbing Co. Inc. has everything it takes to provide professional plumber service to any size property. Call 317-784-1870 for information about our plumbing repair services in Indianapolis, IN today.