The Benefits of Installing a MOEN® Faucet in Your Kitchen

Are you looking to upgrade the look and functionality of your kitchen or bathroom? Installing a MOEN® faucet is one of the best ways to do just that. With its sleek design, intuitive features, and easy-to-use controls, a MOEN faucet can help make your space more efficient and visually appealing. In addition, with professional installation services from qualified experts, like our team here at Weilhammer Plumbing Company, you can rest assured that your new MOEN® faucet will be installed correctly and quickly so you can start enjoying all its benefits in no time!

Bathroom, kitchen, or bar, continue below to learn some of the top advantages that come with installing a MOEN® faucet in your home or office.

Call 317-784-1870 For MOEN Faucets and Installation in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Call 317-784-1870 For MOEN Faucets and Installation in Indianapolis, Indiana.

5 Reason Why So Many Homeowners Choose MOEN® Faucets and Fixtures

With MOEN faucets and fixtures, homeowners can easily spruce up their kitchen or bathroom in no time. From traditional to modern designs, MOEN has a variety of options to choose from. Not only can they dramatically transform the look of a room, but they also come with features like water-saving technology. Their spot-resistant finish is ideal for busy households as it prevents buildup of water spots, drips, and streaks. For those looking for a new faucet that’s visually appealing and reliable, choosing MOEN faucets gives their home an instant transformation. Plus, there are many styles available to match almost any decor. Whether it’s for hygiene reasons or purely decorative updates, these versatile pieces make it easy to get the job done efficiently.

Here are the top 5 reasons why so many home and business owners continue to choose MOEN® as their go-to faucet brand:

1. Durability: MOEN® faucets are designed to last for years, so you can feel confident that your investment will pay off in the long run. Not only do these products offer a lifetime warranty, but their quality construction also ensures that your new faucet will stand up to regular use and remain in great condition for years to come.

2. Variety of Styles: With a wide selection of styles and finishes to choose from, you’re sure to find one that perfectly matches the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom. And with the ability to pair different features like pull-down sprayers or single handle controls, it’s easy to customize your faucet according to your exact preferences.

3. Ease of Use: Thanks to the MOEN® innovative designs, using the faucet is easy and intuitive. With simple controls and a clear interface, even the most novice user can figure out how to get the perfect temperature and flow in no time.

4. Professional Installation Services: Weilhammer Plumbing Company offers professional installation services for all your MOEN® faucet service and sales needs. We make sure that your new faucet fits correctly and correctly connected so you don’t have to worry about any potential issues down the line. 

Contact Us for MOEN® Faucet Sales and Installation

Installing a MOEN® faucet in your bathroom or kitchen is an excellent way to upgrade its look, feel, and functionality without breaking the bank. If you want to get all these benefits and more, Weilhammer Plumbing Company is here to help! From selection to installation, our team of experts is dedicated to making sure that everything goes smoothly so you can enjoy your new MOEN® fixture as soon as possible. Not only do our master plumbers and plumbing technicians specialize in the installation of plumbing fixtures, offering top quality service with every job we do, but we also carry a select line of MOEN® faucets for at near-wholesale prices.

Ready to get your new MOEN faucet installed? With our Indianapolis faucet installation and repair services, we will ensure that your new faucet fits correctly, is securely connected, and works properly for years to come. Contact us today at 317-784-1870 for a free quote and get started on giving your kitchen the upgrade it deserves!

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Quick Guide to Choosing a New Faucet

If you’ve decided that you want to give your bathroom or kitchen an instant upgrade without any invasive construction, swapping out the plumbing fixtures for new ones is a great strategy that better fits the budget. As one of the main focal point plumbing fixtures, the faucet is a good place to start. Choosing the faucet will set the rest of the foundation for any additional upgrades you might want to dapple in later. But when you begin the selection process for a new faucet, you will instantly discover that there are countless types to choose from.

To help with the overwhelming feeling of selecting the right faucet for your plumbing and décor needs, use this trusty guide as a reference. It will help you break down exactly what you are looking for and what you need, all in a streamlined, organized fashion!

Indianapolis IN Plumbing Services
Indianapolis IN Plumbing Services 317-784-1870

Top Faucet Shopping Criteria to Focus On

When choosing a new indoor faucet, you want to focus on function first, but also style and size (fit). Nowadays, you can also consider more technological options. Here are some key points that you can review to help you decide exactly what you are looking for in a new faucet:

Faucet Style and Finish

You can find all sorts of styles, shapes, and finishes on the market for faucets, from sleek silhouettes and period pieces to luxurious finishes, matching accessories, sturdy and basic designs, and everything in between. Decide what speaks most to your ultimate bathroom or kitchen renovation, and narrow your search down to that particular design.

Faucet Function and Fit

The most important element to choosing a new faucet is its compatibility with your existing plumbing setup. For instance, if you have a vessel sink, you would do better choosing a tall, single-handled model rather than a short, open flow model. Be sure you narrow your search down to faucets that fit your setup and will provide the type of function you are looking for, such as low-flows, waterfall effects, splash-guard, and more.

Faucet Technology

In today’s market, innovative technology is everywhere, and constantly evolving. With modern-day faucets, the technological advancements are very smart. You may want to consider hands-free or touchless faucets, or perhaps LED light-up faucets for nighttime use. If you have kids who like to leave the water running, you can opt for a faucet with motion-detection, automatic shut-off technology.

Do you need some help with your plumbing renovations? Contact Weilhammer Plumbing Company at 317-784-1870 for professional plumbing services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve both residential and commercial clients all throughout the central parts of the state.

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Indianapolis Indiana Master Plumbers 317-784-1870
Indianapolis Indiana Master Plumbers 317-784-1870

How to Prepare Your Plumbing for Cold Weather

Indianapolis Plumbing Repair 317-784-1870

Indianapolis Plumbing Repair 317-784-1870

Seasonal plumbing preparation is important for both commercial and residential properties. As the climate and temperatures change, so should the routine maintenance for your plumbing. Depending on the condition of your plumbing system, this can include annual inspections, professional service, part replacements, cleaning, and much more. Although most plumbing maintenance requires professional service, there are many household tasks you can do on your own to prepare your plumbing for the
upcoming winter season.

Continue reading to find out what they are and how to get started!

Outdoor Plumbing Preparations

Before temperatures can drop low enough to freeze water, it is important to manage all of your outdoor plumbing systems, including outdoor faucets, spigots, valves, drains, and hoses. This will prevent a large number of frustrating frozen water plumbing problems. Here’s what to do:

Disconnect all of your outdoor hoses. Store them away for the season. Failing to do so can cause hoses to freeze and expand, which can then cause connecting faucets and plumbing lines to break.

Check all outdoor faucets for water leaks. If you find a leak, contact a plumber for professional water leak repair services. Failing to prepare water leaks can cause cracks and pipes, which can lead to severe water damage and flooding disasters.

Note: For homes with interior water shut-off valves that lead to outside faucets, be sure to drain all water from the outside lines in turn themselves off.

Purchase Styrofoam faucet insulation covers and install them on all outdoor faucets. You can purchase these covers for a fee dollars apiece at any local home improvement store.

Clear gutters and down spouts mud, leaves, twigs, and other organic matter.

Indoor Plumbing Preparations

Test the temperature and water pressure relief valve (T&PR valve) on your water heater. Refer to your owner’s manual to learn how to properly perform a T&PR valve test. When operating properly, the valve should produce a burst of hot water in the drainpipe. If the valve does not respond properly, call a licensed plumber for water heater repair service.

On the subject of water heaters, be sure to have your flushed. You can do this on your own if you know how, otherwise it is best to have it serviced professionally.

Inspect and clean your sump pump pit and septic system. Refer to the owner’s manual for proper cleaning instructions, or contact a local plumber for professional septic system services.

Indianapolis Plumbing Service

Weilhammer Plumbing Company Indianapolis Indiana

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Call Weilhammer Plumbing Company at 317-784-1870 for prompt and professional plumbing repair and service in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner and master plumber, Mark Weilhammer, and his team of licensed plumbers, but answer your questions about plumbing repair and more. We offer a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services, all at the most competitive prices in town. Call 317-784-1870 to request a free estimate for Indianapolis plumbing service, today.

The Best Way to Repair a Leaky Faucet

Indianapolis Plumbers 317-784-1870

Indianapolis Plumbers 317-784-1870

When you notice a dripping faucet in your home, you usually don’t pay too much attention to it at first. Perhaps this is because most leaky taps are considered minor problems with simple solutions.

But the truth is, if a dripping tap is not fixed in a timely manner, it has the potential to get worse and turn into a large, messy, and costly repair later on. So long as a leaking faucet is not entirely neglected, bigger plumbing problems can be avoided down the line.

Your Only Step for Faucet Leak Repair

The best solution for a leaky faucet is professional plumbing service. Calling a licensed plumber should always be the first step to repairing a plumbing leak in your home or office. You may think that a dripping faucet is not a big deal and something that can be fixed easily, but this is not always true. Sometimes, there are many things that could be causing a faucet leak to happen. This is why you need professional water leak diagnostics that only a licensed plumber can provide. It is important to investigate whether or not your leaky faucet is indeed a simple problem with a simple fix, and to ensure that a larger plumbing problem is not being overlooked or ignored.

For Simple Leaky Faucet Repair, a Plumber Will Start By…

1. Determining the Cause of the Water Leak
2. Disassembling the Faucet Fixture
3. Provide Any Necessary Part Replacements
4. Reassemble the Faucet Fixture

A professional plumber has the training, knowledge, and experience to quickly find the root of a faucet leak and provide affordable and efficient solutions for repair. You never want to assume any water leak is minor no matter how small it may appear. As mentioned, there are countless reasons why a water leak might occur in or around your home, which is why it is vital to have a licensed plumbing contractor investigate the cause for you. Catching a small leak early on can prevent large, costly floods and more down the line.

Weilhammer Plumbing Co. Inc.

Weilhammer Plumbing Company Indianapolis Indiana

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Call Weilhammer Plumbing Co. Inc. at 317-784-1870 for professional water leak repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. Master plumber, Mark Weilhammer, and his team of licensed plumbing contractors, provide a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services at the most competitive prices in town. With more than 100 years in business here in Indiana, you can trust you are getting the most reputable and proficient plumbing service and repair in Indianapolis. Call 317-784-1870 and learn more about our affordable plumbing repair services, price, and availability today.

Bathroom and Kitchen Faucet Replacement Tips

Water Hammer Repair 317-784-1870

Water Hammer Repair 317-784-1870

There are a few indicative signs that suggest your kitchen and bathroom faucets might need replacing. These signs should never be ignored, especially since replacement faucets are affordable and easy to install. For one, if a faucet continues to drip, even after re-fastening or repairing, it needs to be replaced. Second, if a faucet is moderately-outdated, tarnished, or rusted, it needs replacing. This is especially important for kitchen and bathroom remodels, and can even provide an instant upgrade for quick redecorating projects. And last, if a faucet is simply broken or defective, it’s time to replace it. Continue reading to learn what to do when it comes time to replace your bathroom and kitchen faucets.

Faucet Size

The first consideration for faucet replacement is the size of the unit. Faucets comes in all different sizes and shapes, so it is important to measure the distance between the holes in the lavatory to know which size your sink needs. To do this, the faucet has to be removed in order to expose this area. Small lavatory setups generally have three holes, ranging between 3 and 4 inches apart. This setup uses two handles (hot and cold) and a spout that are all connected by an escutcheon plate. When replacing an old faucet, it is necessary for the new setup to match the same configuration. Other setups include single-hole two handle faucets, and single-hole and handle faucets.

Faucet Handles

The second consideration involves the number and the type of faucet handles. You can make this decision by thinking about who will use the faucets. For children, a single-handle faucet is safest to avoid scalding accidents. Parents are familiar with the fact the children often reach for one bathroom or kitchen knob, and they hope it’s the cold one! Single-handle faucets can reduce the likelihood of burn accidents with children because they are not likely to be in the “hot” position. Some single-handle units come with flow-mechanism options that will control how much hot water is available through the faucet. This is helpful for homes with young children. Aside from children, some people, like the elderly, might have trouble turning knob-style faucet handles. They too can benefit from a single-handle faucet setup because they come with rotational-limit stops and short-turn options.

Faucet Valves

Faucet valves are called control valves because they literally control the water flow. They open and close in different measures, controlling the water flow, the water stop, and the amount of water that comes through the faucet. There are various types of faucet valves, each meant for different faucet setups. Compression valves are used for two-handle setups and use a rubber washer to control water flow. Rubber washers will require replacing overtime but this only costs a few cents and is easy to do. Other two-handle faucets might use sleeve-cartridge valves. Sleeve-cartridge valves are also used for some single-handle setups. Brass cartridges are better choices compared to plastic ones. For other single-handle faucets, ball valves are used. These use spring-loaded seals and metal balls to control water flow. Although inexpensive and durable, they are a bit complicated to install. One of the most recommended faucet valves are called ceramic disk valves. They operate using a two-part disk that revolves, controlling the flow of water. Disk replacement is quick, simple, and inexpensive. These are great for areas with higher levels of hard water.

Weilhammer Plumbing Co. Inc.

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Call Weilhammer Plumbing Co. Inc. at 317-784-1870 for professional plumbing repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner and master plumber, Mark Weilhammer Indianapolis Indiana, is happy to answer your questions about faucet repair, plumbing fixtures, plumbing repair, and more. Our team of licensed plumbers offer a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services, including installation, repair, maintenance, inspections, and sales. Call 317-784-1870 for affordable and fast Indianapolis plumbing repair services you can trust.