Summertime Plumbing Tips That Will Save You Money

This summer, there are several ways you can save water and energy; all you have to do is make some changes to your plumbing practices! Continue reading to learn some of the most recommended summertime plumbing tips that will save you time and money!

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Aside from winter, the summer is one of the harshest and most impactful seasons on a property’s plumbing. Extreme temperatures and inclement weather can cause all sorts of problems with your water lines, water heaters, washing machines, drains, pipes, and more. But with the proper knowledge, you can implement a preventative maintenance plan that will reduce your energy and water consumption this season, and therefore, save you money every year!

Important Summer Plumbing Tips

Topic: Landscaping Trees and Shrubbery

Problem: Roots are meant to be invasive, and they survive by drawing themselves toward water sources. For properties that have trees and extensive shrubbery in their front lawns, these sources often include underground sewer lines and plumbing systems, which can be highly damaging and cause water leaks.

Tip: Be sure to have your plumbing system inspected to ensure your underground water lines are in good condition. You will require a routine leak detection service to confirm that your plumbing is leak-free and protected this summer.

Topic: Vacation and Trips

Problem: Gas water heaters use water and energy. Furthermore, they will continue to heat the property’s water when you leave for vacation or a long trip. This continuous usage will also reflect on your energy bills.

Tip: Turn your water heater temperature down before you leave on a trip to save money on your gas bill. It is also helpful to have your water heater serviced and inspected before a long trip to ensure you won’t come home to no hot water, a flooded house, or worse.

Topic: Laundry and Washing Machines

Problem: Summertime means hotter weather, which means more outdoor activities, hydration, and of course, perspiration. So this time of year, it is likely that you are doing more laundry, thus using your washing machine more.

Tip: You want to be sure your washing machine and connections are in good condition so that you are not wasting any water or energy. Have your washing machine water lines and connections inspected by a professional Indianapolis plumber. They may recommend for you to replace your water hoses for better performance, which should be done every 3 years or so.

Topic: Watering the Lawn and Garden

Problem: Summertime is a hot time, which means that your lawns and gardens require more hydration, just like you. But if you water your lawns and gardens at the wrong time of day, you risk losing money, wasting water, and missing your time. That is because the water will evaporate before it even has a chance to fully soak into the ground.

Tip: Water your lawns and gardens early in the morning or late in the evening. This is when the sun is least intense, so the water will have time to penetrate and do its job. This is the most efficient use of your water, time, and money!

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Tips for DIY Home Plumbing Inspections

If you own your home, then you understand the importance of maintaining your plumbing systems through every season. Indoor and outdoor plumbing are both complex systems that require upkeep and regular maintenance in order to sustain a healthy and fully functioning system.

Continue reading to learn what types of Do-It-Yourself maintenance you can provide for your home plumbing.

Indianapolis Plumbers 317-784-1870

Indianapolis Plumbers 317-784-1870

How to Inspect Your Home Plumbing

After some time, the pipes in your home can begin to corrode, rust, and deteriorate due to moisture accumulation, time, and other conditional variables. When you first purchase a home, it is vital to learn the type of pipes and plumbing system your house runs on; this way, it can be easy to determine how often the plumbing needs attention.

Brass pipes and steel piping can last up to one hundred years; while similar types of piping, such as copper, can last around seventy to eighty years. If you have just purchased a house that is over 50 years old, it would be a safe idea to have the system inspected by a professional plumbing company. If it is a newly developed unit, then be sure to keep your eye on the plumbing and the pipes periodically in order to avoid exponential decay, leaks, and other plumbing issues.

By simply checking your pipes for flaking, chipping, and rust, you can stop a plumbing disaster before it even happens. Routine inspections are important to know what condition your home plumbing system is in. If you want the most accurate and professional advice, you should consult a licensed Indianapolis plumber for questions and general information.

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Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Call Weilhammer Plumbing Co. Inc. at 317-784-1870 for licensed Indianapolis plumbing service you can trust. We have been in business for over 100 years because we have earned the trust of thousands of Hoosiers all across the city as a result of our professional service and outstanding results. Call owner, Mark Weilhammer, at 317-784-1870 to request a free estimate or plumbing advice, today.

Important Warnings Regarding Residential Slab Leaks

Slab leaks create serious problems for homeowners. A slab leak is water leakage from pipes in your plumbing system. These pipes are located under the concrete foundation of a home, which is where the complications come from. When a slab leak is discovered, it is important to take action right away by contacting a professional plumbing repair company for immediate emergency service.

Continue reading to learn what you need to know about slab leaks, including which signs to look out for and what to do if you suspect a water leak in your plumbing system.

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Indianapolis Slab Leak Repair 317-784-1870

Underground Plumbing Pipes

Plumbing contractors favor underground piping systems for a number of reasons. For one, it is less expensive and easier to connect the main line to the in-home fixtures when you use an underground approach. This is because there is no need for drilling, extra materials, and fastening various pipes to the interior walls.

Another reason has to do with insulation. Under the ground, the piping is shielded from high and low temperatures, making it naturally insulated from extreme weather conditions. So no extra insulation is required. These are just a few reasons why plumbing contractors prefer to install home plumbing systems under the concrete slabs of the house. Although there are many advantages to installing underground plumbing pipes, there are also some downfalls, in particular, slab leaks.

Slab Leak Repair

Slab leaks are very hard to detect because they are underground and out of site. When a slab leak actually occurs, most cases require the floor to be excavated in order to reach the water leak. This is why slab leak repair is costly and complex. Slab leaks are easier to repair when they are discovered early on. Less water accumulation and saturation under your floors is faster and easier to restore. Long term leakage can result in major excavation and restorations.

If you hear the sound on flowing, running, or dripping water anywhere within your walls or basement, then you may have a slab leak. Also, an unusually high water bill is another sign of water leakage. If you see saturated wet areas of your yard, basement, or other areas of the home, it could mean a slab leak as well. In this case, you would need to contact a licensed Indianapolis master plumber for professional detection and repair services.

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Weilhammer Plumbing Company 317-784-1870

Call Weilhammer Plumbing Co. Inc. at 317-784-1870 for trusted Indianapolis slab leak repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our licensed master plumbers provide a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services at the most competitive prices in town, including water leak detection and repair. Request a free estimate, today.