Sorry if this information hurts your feelings, or brings you down

I am sorry if I have hurt your feelings on the phone by pointing out all the political hype, flaws, and half truths about tankless water heaters . Complaints are very easy to find on the internet about tankless heaters. If your mind is already made up , we can refer you to someone who will gladly take about $4000 of your hard earned money. I really have nothing to gain and only wish to help you to make an informed decision.

 Keeping things simple... usually works out for the best.

Remember to read all of the fine print with tankless heaters.

      Going GREEN with  Tankless heaters reminds me of my solar water heater experience in the 80s.   It's  the same   "hype and tall tales"  on energy savings,  the same "fuzzy math"  on payback, and the same promise of  "tax credits"  to entice you to buy one.   I will not fall for any of the hype this time around...



     l love trees too,  but no matter what the mass media and the government say about going GREEN with tankless,   you are not going to save money or save the planet by getting a tankless  heater.   

It is much wiser and GREEN to take your money  and invest it in more insulation or better windows in your home.  I guarantee that you would see a dramatic savings doing this  over sinking  $4000++ into a tankless  heater.  

If you wish to do something green,  planting trees in your back yard or neighborhood would be a much more "green" and rewarding thing to do instead of wasting $4000 for a tankless heater       


    We can argue forever,    please  just  give me honest numbers... not hot air,  pipe dreams,  hog-wash,  lies and politics... consumer reports October 2008

    1.   Your break-even point takes well over 22 years!!   

This is total insanity, the numbers don't lie,  add in your  yearly de-scaling costs $300+,  and you actually lose money.  


Tankless heaters have  HEFTY Maintaince costs  that add up fast over 10 + years..  10 X $300 =  $3000. 

Indiana has ROCK HARD --  LIME , IRON , and MINERAL infested water,  a tankless heater must have annual maintaince.

 All brands state in their fine print...

The heating coil should be flushed out with a de-scaling solution and cleaned  "periodically " by a qualified service tech to maintain good performance,  if  the heating coil limes up due to hard water,   this VOIDS the  warranty!!!  

How often will this need to be done? Can you "de-lime" your tankless unit yourself  once,  or twice a year??  

Does  $300  once or twice a year to de-lime your tankless heater sound economical??

Remember to factor in this "de-scaling service"  before you decide to buy this product.

3.   In   INDIANA  you  MUST  have a water softener to get  lime out of the water.  You MUST maintain very low hardness  level of your water.

 4. Finding a repair man for a tankless could be very difficult. 

Finding repair parts for a dis-continued or 10-15 year old model asap could be almost impossible.  

So, what will a new heat exchanger  cost you on a 12 year old out of warranty   tankless water heater,  that you originally paid 4000 for?

 If its takes 2 weeks to find parts or the brand you bought 10 years ago is now out of business,  you are  sunk....sunk...sunk

 5.  Will you be able to run more than one shower  at the same time??  Can it handle that or will you have to modify your life-style and take turns in the bath to accommodate the tankless unit??

Here are more "hard numbers"  

Jan. 05  Bradford White  conducted extensive studies   Read this article,  it appears that the actual savings with a tankless heater  is less than nominal. .


 Read this first link for  "glowing testimonials" .


 6.  The large tax credits are over folks.. There are no free rides,  no benefits,  no savings....  only hype and hogwash... 



you now only get a tax credit of up to $500 from the feds on your taxes.  So you spend $4000+  now,  for a promise of  up to the max of $500 off your tax bill .. next year.

  Remember,  their is no guarantee you will  be satisfied with this product once you are stuck with it...

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