The Difference Between Master Plumbers and Plumbers

Everything from minor plumbing repairs and replacements to plumbing emergencies, scheduled plumbing maintenance, pipeline work, and more, are handled by professional plumbers. But who is the person for the job? How do you know when to hire a master plumber and when to hire a regular plumber? Is there even a difference?

Continue reading to learn what separates a standard plumber from a master plumber, and who to trust for the most dependable service in town.

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Master Plumbers

Master plumbers are not your everyday general contractors; instead, they are highly trained and acute plumbing engineer specialists with years of strict formal training and experience. A master plumber is a person that has completed a stringent and complex line of testing, training, and work to achieve master status and a master plumbing license. In fact, if you do not see their state master plumbers’ license advertised, they are likely not a master plumber.

Master plumbers are the top dogs of the plumbing work force. They are not the ones that show up if your faucet is leaking. Instead, as specialists, they are commonly found engineering pipelines and setting up plumbing systems for new construction, municipalities, factories, commercial buildings, and industrial complexes, or ensuring all plumbing is perfectly up to code.

Their jobs are highly complex and sensitive, requiring an exceptional amount of knowledge and skill.  Because it is very demanding to become a master plumber due to the degree of difficulty, dedication, time, and hard work, many apprentices go almost as far, but then opt for a general plumbing contractor’s license instead; which is still great!

Standard Plumbers

A licensed plumbing contractor is by no means less of a plumber than a master plumber. Their services are high in demand, and their skill requires lengthy training and experience as well. The major difference is the area and level of plumbing they work on. General plumbing contractors typically facilitate residential and commercial plumbing projects. They still repair, maintenance, service, install, and replace plumbing systems; as well as, provide site work and excavation services for new developments and properties.

Who to Call

Plumbing work comes in various shapes and sizes, which is why there is a level of plumber for each type of job. Depending on the needs of the community, the plumbing work will decide for itself. If you see an industrial factory, you are looking at the work of a master plumber. If you have a water heater repair, then a licensed professional plumber is the technician for you. This is how real estate owners can decide in the future, what type of plumber they are in the market for. If you are ever in doubt, always start with a local and trusted Indianapolis plumbing company for advice.

Indianapolis Plumbing Repair and Service

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