A Fast and Effective Alternative to Re-Piping

Now with all the new, cutting-edge technologies and innovative advancements that have been made in the plumbing industry, there is no reason to settle for inefficient piping, defects, and tedious renovation. If you must re-pipe an entire house or building, look to these state-of-the-art innovations for quicker, more reliable alternative. One of the most popular and well-regarded alternatives to comprehensive re-piping is epoxy lining.

Continue reading to learn more about epoxy pipe lining, and how you can determine whether or not it’s a right fit for your plumbing needs.

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Perils of Re-Piping Work

Pipe repair, also referred to as “re-piping”, is not a speedy nor simple process. Re-piping is invasive, and simple replaces old piping materials with new ones; new ones that will only need to be replaced over and over again. It requires a long stint of work, time, money, and mess, and doesn’t always fix the underlying problem. Fortunately, there is an alternative to re-piping called epoxy pipe lining.

Epoxy pipe lining is a new, ground-breaking plumbing technology that allows pipes to be repaired without all the aggressive work and demolition. The process simply involves relining the existing plumbing pipes with the epoxy coating, to reinforce and stabilize existing pipe works. It is a cutting-edge, efficient method to repairing cracks, breaks, and vulnerabilities in plumbing pipes, without all the hassle and frustration. This technology allows pluming pipe problems to be foreseen and managed before they even occur.

Benefits of Epoxy Lining

Epoxy pipe lining is efficient and less-evasive, but more importantly, it is cost-effective. Rather than starting demolition on location, digging holes and drilling into underground piping, epoxy pipe lining simply uses existing entrance points to access the plumbing pipes that need repaired. This saves a substantial amount of time, labor costs, money, and mess.

The epoxy pipe lining inner coating material is safe and non-toxic, keeping drinking water contaminant-free and safe to use for all applications. It inhibits sewage from entering local water systems as well. A master plumber can explain all the details to pipe re-lining and repair in regards to your particular and unique plumbing system.

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